City of Jacksonville catches 20 feral hogs


POSTED: Friday, June 7, 2013 - 6:43pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 5:00pm

It seems like wild hogs are taking over East Texas.

We've seen them within the city of Tyler and now Jacksonville.

Jacksonville has two traps set up, one on Drip Rock Rd near a rural neighborhood and one at the cemetery.

The city caught 14 on Drip Rock and five near the cemetery in the span of two days.

"You have to bait the traps and put them in a location where they are not afraid to go. But, to get 14 of them at one time, is pretty astounding," said Director of Public Works Will Cole. 

Cole says Jacksonville started getting complaints from city residents about two years ago of wild hogs tearing up their property.

The city then started a hog catching program and so far it's been pretty successful.

But, catching 14 at one time,

"It's amazing how all of them could get in there without you know triggering the trap but we did it," said Cole.  

Ben Briley, Director of Parks and Recreation, says the hogs have been tearing up the cemetery making it harder for the gardeners to maintain the grave yard.

They've already captured 12 since the trap has been up, and Briley says they expect to catch even more .

"We're hoping we are making a dent in them and we're just going to continue to trap," said Briley.  

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I wanted to say that when politicians property is being torn to shreds, then perhaps something will be done. Farmers and ranchers can't plant anything because of this huge problem. As soon as they try to produce hay or crops, the hogs come in and destroy their labor. If the state would put a bounty on them, then I believe we could get a handle on it.

You have not even started in catching these hogs. It is estimated that there are about one million in Van Zandt County alone, if that estimate is correct. I have seen at lease 40 mamas and babies crossing a pasture and once over in Powell they were eating in a Milo field in broad daylight. They have more than one litter a year so you can tell from that alone what a huge problem they are. When they start tearing politicians yards up. No one cared when farmers and ranchers complained.

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