City of Tyler approves master plan to revamp Tyler Rose Garden


POSTED: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 4:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 6:02pm

The city of Tyler approved a nine phase master plan to revamp the famous Tyler Rose Garden.

Almost 300,000 people visit and enjoy the rose garden every year.

"It is the number one place that people want to go when they come to Tyler," said assistant vice president of tourism Susan Travis.

In February of 2013, the Tyler City Council approved the two companies proposal. It took them a year long to study and they figured out what people want to see.

"We had to reshape some of the spaces to make them a little more useable and that's what the master plan reflects," said Mark Spencer with MHS Planning and Design.

Something new they added to their master plan is a play garden.

"We found that little kids have a short attention span. There is not a lot of things for them to do they only can look at roses for so long," said Spencer.

For the play garden they are envisioning a shrub maze, an interactive water feature, and hills for the kids to run on. They want to add numerous wedding venues around the garden, a small garden building that can be used for art shows, reception areas and more. Also during Christmas, they want to add some specialty lighting to make the garden a little more festive. That's not it, they want to surround the queen's court with small courtyards for picnics concerts and food vendors.

''We're just trying to package the whole garden and make it a little more current even though it's a fabulous facility, we think we could tweak it and really exceed the uses we're seeing out there right now.''

The city's allocated a lot of money, but they're looking for additional funds so they can start phase one. It could be though, depending on funds, a five year plan or a 50 year one.

"I think we at least have a real good direction as where the garden should be to make it current and useful in our lifestyles and the city of Tyler," said Spencer.

All in all everyone is excited for these new additions.

"When you make improvements and keep things looking up to date and modern it's definitely a plus," said Travis.

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