City of Tyler opens first emergency shelter for Isaac evacuees

City of Tyler opens first emergency shelter for Isaac evacuees

POSTED: Monday, August 27, 2012 - 7:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 2:26pm

The Red Cross has opened the first shelter in Tyler at St. Louis Baptist Church in response to calls from self evacuees traveling from Louisiana along Interstate 20.  The shelter has a capacity of 150 evacuees.

Those traveling and seeking shelter are advised to call 211 for the latest information on shelter locations. 

Please stay tuned to the City web page, social media pages and local media for the latest information.

The City of Tyler has entered a state of advanced preparedness should the City need to activate in any capacity due to Tropical Storm Isaac. 

Emergency officials have participated in a statewide conference call this afternoon, determining the role Tyler could play in the State’s emergency response efforts as well as potential impacts the storm could have on the Tyler region.  It is anticipated that the storm will be classified as a category I or II hurricane upon reaching landfall.  The path of the storm is still somewhat undetermined as forecasting models are varied.

“The City has initiated advanced preparedness efforts as per our Emergency Response Plan due to Tropical Storm Isaac,” said Tyler Fire Chief Tim Johnson.  “At this point, it is unknown what impact the storm could have upon Tyler; therefore we are taking all necessary steps to be prepared.”

Should Tyler be an evacuation location, the role would be to serve self evacuees and medical special needs evacuees only.  Shelters will be stood up as needed. 

Local residents are encouraged to check on their emergency kits, which is a good routine practice.  Information on building an emergency kit can be found at The kit should contain food, water and emergency items to last for 72 hours.

Information on Tyler’s emergency efforts will be posted on the City web page


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We get these suggestions every once in a while locally, and we get them all the time from FEMA and the Red Cross, but I can count on one hand the number of folks who actually have an emergency kit thrown together. We put one together at our office by making trips to Home Depot and REI, but the thing ended up costing us a ton. At home I searched several suppliers and was directed to one called Quake Safe Kits (or something similar) from the US Coast Guard. Now is no time to go unprepared.

Uhhhhh........remember Katrina?

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