City of Tyler wants new speed limits for schools

City of Tyler wants new speed limits for schools
Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 5:48pm

TYLER-- One speed limit sign by Andy Woods Elementary says 25 mph, but another sign down the road says 20 mph.  After officers complained that drivers didn't know which sign to follow, the City of Tyler has a new plan to ease the confusion.

The city's Traffic and Safety Board is taking a look at three different school zones in the city: Griffin Elementary, Andy Woods Elementary, and Cumberland Academy. 

Griffin and Andy Woods Elementary schools are bumping into other school zones with different speed limits, so the city wants to make both of the zones 25 miles per hour.

The third school, Cumberland Academy, doesn't have a school zone speed limit right now, but the city wants to put one up on Chad Drive next to the school at 25 mph.

The board will discuss the issue tomorrow.

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