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CNG in vehicles on the rise

Clean Energy
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 7:57pm

Last summer, we told you about the increasing use of natural gas in vehicles.
And now, all of a sudden, we are up to our hips in natural gas, if that’s possible.
And thanks to the new gas surge, it has become very affordable.
And it only makes sense to think about powering our vehicles with it.
First the advantages…
It burns much cleaner than gasoline, keeping the air we breathe healthier.
It burns completely in your engine, extending its working life.
It’s up to $2 cheaper for an equivalent gallon.
And almost any modern car or truck can be converted.
The bad…
You get about 1/5th the range on a tank.
And the conversion can be expensive, though that is coming down.
And even the city of Tyler is enjoying the benefits.
“This has been a huge cost savings for the city,” says Mayor Barbara Bass. “Already we’ve saved in the range of $100,000. We’re costing about $1.88 effectively of what it would cost to go to the pump.”
But the big advantage right now is for large fleet vehicles, and the state of Texas is actively providing incentives to build more fueling stations.
“Now America’s truckers are the thirstiest engines out there,” says Eric Rayburn of CleanEnergy. “They consume about 25-billion gallons of fuel each year. That is a significant cost that they have. So, being able to use a fuel that is cheaper enables fleets like UPS and Central Feight that are going to be fueling up with us in Texas to really see an economic benefit to rolling out this fleet, In addition to being able to add a notch in their sustainability efforts.”

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