CNN EXCLUSIVE: Live interview with ETX girl trapped on "floating petri dish"


POSTED: Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 5:16pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 15, 2013 - 11:37am

An East Texan trapped on what's been dubbed the "floating petri dish" was able to speak to her mom this morning, and it was all captured on tape by CNN.

Rebecca Poret, of Lufkin, boarded the Carnival Cruise Ship, Triumph, on Friday, February 4, expecting a relaxing four day Caribbean cruise. Instead, a fire occurred in the engine rooom and caused the ship to stall for a couple of days before tugboats came to their rescue. 

Now, three days after the planned return date, the ship is expected to port in Mobile, Alabama, sometime late Thursday afternoon.

In the video above, you can listen to the girl's account of the disastrous trip. Due to the length of the interview, other clips are listed below.

Poret is pictured above in the yellow jacket waving.

See Part II of the interview here.

See Part III of the interview here.

See Part IV of the interview here.

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Now I understand why they won't allow guns onboard a cruise ship..... Way to many of them would want to lynch the captain!

See it's like big government. They think they 'know' what is best for you, like it or not.

But remember folks, on the Titanic the crew did lock the 2nd and 3ed class passengers down in the ship till it was to late and the drowned.

That is what governments tend to do.

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