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Co-sleeping deaths on the rise in Texas


POSTED: Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 5:54pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 3:54pm

Sleeping with your baby may seem like a nurturing thing to do.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports, a high number of babies are dying because they are sleeping in the same bed as adults.

Experts say, co-sleeping may put your baby at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome known as 'SIDS', and other dangers like suffocation.

Parents often mistake co-sleeping as a way to bond with their infants. In reality, a baby's breathing can be interrupted.

"Well in the state of Texas there have already been 150 co-sleeping related deaths, that's for fiscal year 2012," says Shari Pulliam, CPS Media Specialist.

Shari Pulliam with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services wants to bring awareness to East Texas.

"Here in East Texas which is Region 4 which includes Smith County , there have already been 8 co-sleeping deaths reported to CPS," says Shari Pulliam, CPS Media Specialist.

Pulliam says, it can be prevented by provided safe sleep for their children, and there are ABC's for safe sleep.

A.) Babies should sleep alone, B.) They should sleep on their backs with no blankets or bedding,C.) Babies should sleep in a crib and a temperature of 70 degrees, D.) In a smoke free environment.

Experts suggest, talking with a pediatrician about best sleep practices is recommended.

"They need to bring their children in for their regular check-up and sleep habits is an issue that you do want to talk to your doctor about," says Dr. Hope Short, Family Medicine Doctor, Short Family Medical Group.

"When you go to sleep and you're tired and you're a new mother, you're going to fall asleep and they're going to fall asleep pretty hard because you've bee up with the baby all day," says Shari Pulliam, CPS Media Specialist.

Here are some dangers of co-sleeping: a baby can get trapped by the bed frame, stuck between the bed and the wall, a baby can fall off the bed, being smothered by pillows and blankets, and having parent roll over on top of them.

Parents need to know by sleeping with their baby it can lead to tragedy.

Website provided by:Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

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Proper co-sleeping has sound research associated with it showing it to reduce SIDS. And there are many dangerous things to avoid: like allowing other children to sleep with the baby, falling asleep on a couch, or co-sleeping while on heavy-sleep-inducing medications. Read up on safe co-sleeping arrangements before you decide to do it. Dr. Sears is the co-sleeping expert:

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