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College mobile alert systems keeping students safe

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 5:38pm

After last night's incident at TJC, they sent out their "Apache Alert" letting students know what had just happened.

Today, we spoke with Jacksonville College...they have one as well called "Jag Alert."

Director of communications Danny Morris tells KETK, it's pretty simple...they just log in, select to send to all students, all faculty or both...and off it goes.

"We can get on, log in, send out messages via text messaging, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter...letting people know exactly what's going on in a timely manner," Morris said.

Morris tells KETK, since students are constantly on Facebook and Twitter and things like that, they've got to make sure and put the alerts there too to make sure everybody is aware.

He says the alerts are meant for anything from a gunman on campus to simply telling students it's a snow day.

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