COMING TONIGHT: CDC calls prescription drug overdoses, an 'American Epidemic'

COMING TONIGHT: CDC calls prescription drug overdoses, an 'American Epidemic'

POSTED: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 11:35am

UPDATED: Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 5:25pm

27,000 deaths in 2007

COMING TONIGHT: The CDC says prescription drug deaths are now more common than Heroin or Cocaine deaths.

Stay with us for the story tonight. 

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There is a book called "Our Daily Meds" by Meldoy Petersons that will shock you about drug companies and prescriptions drugs. I also have wrtten a book on a drug that can harm and may even take your life, Some doctors get kick backs from drug companies on the pills they prescribe and even some test they do on a person.

Yes, I am a disabled vet rateed at 100 % & live around the clock on rather ineffective pain pills thanks to all the notoriety/ I tried to tell a realistic view of a life of pain handled by the V.A. & found your posting a comment is limited to 400 characters. That puts you in same category as the V.A. as far as hearing the truth, you do not want to !!!!!!!!

The problem with this epidemic is that Doctors are not being held accountable. When a patient can go to an out of state pain clinic and obtain, 180 oxycodone tablets every 30 days in addition to 180 methadone and 90 Xanax bars, and get these prescribed each month, then who is committing the criminal act here. Each of these pain clinic doctors should have to justify to someone why they are prescribing so much pain medicine to someone they cannot possibly monitor, even on a weekly basis.

Doctors are held very much accountable !
In Texas, if you prescribe over a certain number of narcotics, a computer flags your license and you are hauled up to Austin to explain yourself !
The "Pain clinics" you mention are a rip off, usually staffed by some foreign doctor who makes as much money as possible and then moves to another state when he's caught. They know the law and skirt it.

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