Committee aiming to make Tyler a prime destination for sporting events

Committee aiming to make Tyler a prime destination for sporting events
Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 6:58pm

The Tyler First Steering Committee met Wednesday night to discuss promoting tourism in our area.

Pretty soon, Tyler could be a prime destination for sports lovers.

Tyler is known for the Tyler rose, our thriving medical district and home to two Heisman winners. 

But soon, Tyler will be known for more.

The committee of about 80 people meet every month to discuss ways to improve and maximize our area.

the focus this month was tourism, higher education, and what else draws people to our community and what helps set the stage for growth in the future.

"Now when families come for the weekend, they are looking for other opportunities for things that they can do, they are looking for art museums and the children's museum,"
said committee member Mary Elizabeth Jackson.

Jackson, said they want to enhance the sports complexes in Tyler and host more sporting tournaments.

"With the baseball park and the stadium what do we do to ensure that part of the community continues to thrive and grow and to bring those tourism dollars in."

There was also talk about building another complex for inside sports.

"We have great facilities for tennis, and soccer and football and baseball, but what do we do about basketball and some of those inside sports? People are looking for that and we just don't have that here in Tyler," said Jackson.

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