Community Colleges face major cuts

Friday, June 10, 2011 - 9:33pm

TYLER - Some are fighting it, but it seems major spending cuts in education are about to become a reality.

Kilgore college President Bill Holda tells KETK, "Community colleges enroll 75% of all the freshman, sophmores in the state."

A new report shows some staggering figures. State funding for educators in community colleges will go down 38.6% and retirements down 48.2%. Funding for the Jet Grant Program, Alternative Teacher Certification, Enrollment Growth and money for new campuses has been completley removed. Additionally adult basic education funding is decreased 60%, nursing graduates funding down 39.6%

In fact the report says the only item that will be increased is the Texas Education Opportunity Grant. All total that leaves the state community colleges with an average of 25.7% in state funding cuts.

"How do we make that up? Well we've already raised tuition and fees 10% there is a reluctance to raise local taxes but that's always a consideration," said Holda.

The new budget, experts say, puts educators in a tight spot. One that say will change the face community college.

"Your going to see limited access, your going to see fewer classes that are allowed to be created. You're going to see courses that are not available in the same frequency that they had before and it's unfortunate because the people who get penalized are the students."

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