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Concerned residents flood City Hall

Alexandra Carter

POSTED: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 7:57am

UPDATED: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 5:36pm

Residents lined up for Thursday night's City Council meeting to voice their concerns on two key issues.

First on the agenda: what some are calling "Nugent Gate."

The city paid rockstar Ted Nugent more than $16,0000  to end negotiations for its Independence Day concert.

Mayor Jay Dean addressed the issue before citizen comments were heard.

"Due to inexeperience and lack of communication some of our staff members were very unaware of entertainment contracts." 

Some residents were baffled as to why the city thought Nugent would be a good fit for such a family-friendly event, in the first place.

 "Whoever made the decision to bring him here..where was the city attorney?"

Others said the decision to cancel Nugent's performance showed the city's devotion to morality.

"You all are doing an exemplary're doin something's easy for people to come and attack when they don't understand."

Next, the council had to decide whether to allow construction of an oil well in the middle of a residential area.

One of Longview's youngest residents, Maggie Mays, showed up to voice her concern.

 "They're really noisy and our neighborhood is peaceful..and we don't want that to change."

Despite opposition, council members voted to close Triple Creek Road for 90 days to allow for construction of the oil well.

Resident Hattie Phipps applauded the decision as she ended her citizen comment by saying "drill baby, drill."

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So it was a breach of contract. Ok. Pay the fine.

Oil is our life blood as for money and jobs.

if we don't want jobs... ok then don't drill (as the liberal north does.)

I've seen the guy perform at Billy Bob's. I think cancelling his appearance was a good idea. He's a washed up Vietnam draft dodger that feigns patriotism. Read the Rolling Stone article about how he got out of military service, or the article where he openly admits to having sex with under age girls. Not only is he a scum bag but he's totally unashamed of being one.

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