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Confederate flags banned from City Cemetery in Jacksonville


POSTED: Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 7:16pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 12:46pm

For Memorial Day, the Marine Corps League in Jacksonville planned to honor confederate veterans at the City Cemetery.

They wanted to place confederate flags on graves of those who fought for the confederacy, but it's become an issue.

The Marine League argues confederate veterans are considered American War Veterans.

They say there are more than 150 confederate veterans here and they want to honor them.

"We were placing out the flags that there was quite a few confederate graves," says Charles 'Chuck' Bones.

They were to be placed on graves which had confederate emblems on them.

"Furnished by our Government, that says CSA, Confederate states of America," says Stephen Hutson.

"Once we noticed that, I researched to see what we could do honor those veterans," says Charles 'Chuck' Bones.

He says the U.S.. has a law to honor all U.S. Veterans which includes confederate soldiers.

The response they're getting from city officials is the 'Rebel Flag' is too controversial, so the city is saying no.

For some the confederate flag symbolizes racism, hatred and slavery.

"The confederate flag to me and a lot of other people symbolizes freedom and freedom from tyranny of Northern states of the time that tried to impose taxes excess taxes on the cotton sales," says Charles 'Chuck' Bones.

Bones says, the flag symbolizes the Southern states being against the U.S. because of the taxes.

He says, we had slaves in the North and South and someone spun this into a controversial subject.

"It doesn't matter if it was a confederate veteran or a Northern Veteran, they're still entitled to the same respect as any other veteran as a veteran of WWI, WWII, etc.," says Stephen Hutson.

KETK contacted The City of Jacksonville officials but they were unavailable to comment.

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Do your homework. The US Congress, the Pentagon, and the Veterans Administration all recognize CSA Veterans as USA Veterans with pensions, medals, gravestones, and honor and respect their service. It's about time to stop the hysterical Confederophobia. When the Soldier's Flag, the Confederate Battle Flag, is again a familiar feature of the cvic landscape, it will cease to be the bogeyman used by extremists of the KKK & NAACP. A big Thank You to the Jacksonville Marine Corps League.

Confederate veterans laid down their lives just as any veteran before are since and deserve the same respect. God bless all those that laid down their life for what they believe. Jesus shed his blood for all of us and not for just certain ones.

What the Jacksonville citizens need to do is ban together, and show up @ a city council meeting. During the public comments, each and every one of you should DEMAND that this issue should be placed back on the agenda, and put up for another vote. Each and every one of you have 3 minutes to speak, and prior to the meeting you can request more time. They had to vote on the ban guys. You could have stopped the ban had you shown up at the meeting.

It is a shame that this has come about. I am a "yankee" from New York State and I am not in the least offended by the Confederate Flag. It is history and regardless of how the "politically correct" want to change it, it is the South's and United States history. We are to honor our fallen thru all wars. Thank God we still have men and organizations that want to do this on Memorial Day.

Next thing you know, someone will decide we can't put Texas flags on the graves of those who fought for independence from Mexico because it might offend some descendant of Santa Anna.

The city cemetery plots are the property of the families of those resting there. The city sold the lots for a price that included only maintenance in perpetuity.

I plan to put flowers and a flag on my great-great-grandfather's grave in recognition of his service to the C.S.A., regardless of "controversy".

To HELL with the city, do it anyway. We pay these rotten politicians' salaries and WE say what we can do, not the other way around. WE are THEIR bosses and we tell THEM what to do, they do not tell us. Place the flags and DARE these bastards to do something about it.

This is just wrong on so many levels, VETERANS are VETERANS and they should all be allowed to be honored accordingly. The confederate veterans should not be treated any differently, that war was not about black and white, the only color that should be recognized is the color Red, that's the color of blood that was shed from our military . People need to learn their history before they assume anything, the confederate flag is a symbol of freedom, not hatred. Jacksonville leaders should be ashamed

I'm fine with honoring them, if that's the way they want to spend their time.

That said, this honor does not have to proclaim, "I'm an ignorant red neck who does not care if what I do offends anyone else." Just because these backwood hillbillies ride around with a rebel flag slapped on their truck does not mean it is right or non-offensive to many other people.

The Jacksonville Marine Corps League might as well have jumped out and said, "Hey, we love the KKK!"

Thank you for your comment jp2code, and you are welcome. You have the right to voice your opinion because of Veterans and active duty service men and women that have fought and are still fighting to allow you to be free, and say what you wish. Is your opinion based on fact? this is not about me, it is about Honoring American Veterans.

The civil war was not about Slaves, over 65,000 Blacks fought for the south. Fredrick Douglas, a black Senator, advised President Lincoln that if he did not free the slaves in the North (yes the white house had Slaves) the blacks would escape and fight for the south. every President from 1914 to today, including President Obama has paid respect to the Confederate Monument in Arlington.

by the way this Confederate Monument is the first Monument that Honored Black service men. and it was made by a Jewish Confederate to make sure everyone would remember the truth. It depicts a black Confederate Soldier marching with a white Confederate Soldier, and also a white Confederate Soldier handing his Baby to a black woman for safe keeping while they march to war.

Please leave the Hate and race out of the talking points, this is about Honoring Americans that fought for this great Nation. No mater how ppl spin or try to change the truth, good or bad, our past is what makes our Republic so Great. The Confederate Flag Stands for the Confederate States of America, Not the KKK. Semper Fi!!

jp2code, I am a Marine and I am the Commandant of Jacksonville Detachment 1381 Chuck Bones. I stand for American Veterans. come and stand with us jp2code.

So because some people don't agree with what they THINK confederate soldiers fought for, we are not allowed to honor them as we would any other American soldier? The rebel flag is HERITAGE not HATE. Do we stop African-Americans from putting up pictures and flags of Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrating June 19th? Those soldiers fought and died for a belief, like any other soldier, and should be honored for what they paid in blood to make this country what it is today.

Memorial day originated four years after the civil war as "Decoration Day", a day to honor those fallen in the civil war. That Southerners are denied their heritage and right to pay homage is unthinkable. We all know the message being sent by this ban. Until this is overturned and those responsible are admonished then, we can send our own message to Jacksonville and take our business elsewhere.

President Lincoln awarded Congressional Medals of Honor to 16 Black Soldier from the Confederate States of America. We as Americans should Honor all Veterans. Semper Fi

How disgraceful that citizens ar robbed of Constitutional Rights by local bureaucratic peons. These imbeciles in local government should respect the constitution and those who enjoy its freedoms. Will they tell us next, what we can say at any particular location or event. I have heard that the Troup bureaucratic buffoons are considering rules to designate how long citizens can leave their trash cans outside after they have been emptied. Democracy at its worst. Long Live the Republic of TEXAS!

forget it I can't get my password approved. . the password is high & the passwords match. . this is not good

It is a shame that soilders cannot be matter what the war.

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