'Conflict of interest' could be reason Kilgore College board president resigned

'Conflict of interest' could be reason Kilgore College board president resigned
Alexandra Carter

POSTED: Monday, August 18, 2014 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 18, 2014 - 10:39pm

Last week, the president of the Kilgore College Board of Trustees resigned, citing health issues. But not everyone on the board is convinced that's the only reason Charlie Hale left his post.

Board member Brian Nutt believes a conflict of interest could be part of the reason for the resignation. He says Hale sold property to college president Dr. Bill Holda within one month of Hale's appointment as president of the board Nutt says the two did not fully disclose the real estate sale to the board of trustees.

Holda says any allegations that a conflict of interest had anything to do with the resignation are completely false.

"The allegations that Kilgore College Board President, Charles Hale's intention to resign is related to conflicts of interest is blatantly false and not supported by fact. After being taken by ambulance to the emergency room shortly after summer commencement on August 8 and hospitalized thereafter, I was with Charlie and his family on Friday at the hospital. He is following the advice of his doctor to take immediate steps to reduce stress, and his upcoming resignation is just one of a number of actions he will be taking. It is so sad and unfortunate that when an individual suffers legitimate health-related issues, speculation is attributed to his decision."    

Nutt says if board members were voted in instead of being appointed, it could solve conflict of interest issues and he hopes there will be a vote to elect the new Kilgore College Board President because he believes the people of Kilgore would make the right choice.

"That's sorta been my motto along my service to the board..i try to tell the truth and i trust the people. If the people can have the information, if the people can have the truth, i think they always make the right decision."

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