Congressman Gohmert guest speaker at town hall meeting


POSTED: Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 9:46pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 9, 2013 - 9:08am

On Thursday night the Lakeview Church of the Nazarene in Tyler was packed for the Grassroots America August Congressional Town Hall

East Texans were eager to hear what Congressman Louie Gohmert had to say about some of the biggest issues facing our nation.

At the meeting, he addressed issues such as the immigration legislation, as well as discussed IRS abuse, and NSA surveillance. Congressman Gohmert explains his view on NSA surveillance, saying, "There are Supreme Court cases and other cases that indicate if another party has something like logs of calls, then you don't have an expectation of privacy I think it's time to completely revisit that issue."

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I've voted for Louie many times, but no more. Now that Israeli money (Delek rfng.)(Lufkin Ind. now tax dodging J. Immelt of GE ) turned our district into another "sleeper state" of the New World Order and Louie has been made popular with the media (our enemy) every word he speaks has a hollow sound. Re-visit the NSA ? Hardly Louie, more like restore our 4th amendment, we citizens are NOT the enemy. While you secure your AIPAC campaign money and become a "movie star" we become "suspects".

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