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Congressman Gohmert preaches patriotic sermon

Congressman Gohmert preaches patriotic sermon

POSTED: Sunday, July 7, 2013 - 10:38pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 5:59pm

On Sunday morning hundreds piled in the pews of Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview for the church's "Patriotic Celebration". The service began with a music special and flag presentation..

Senior Associate Pastor Dr. Greg Zachary says, "We had those who had served, or are currently serving, stand as their flag was presented."

After a moment of prayer, guest speaker U.S.. Congressman Louie Gohmert took to the stage to share his sermon, "Freedom vs. Tyranny".

Congressman Gohmert kept with the patriotic theme, using political figures such as John Adams to draw Biblical illustrations. It was all to get across his sermon's message, that God needs to be involved with our government.

Gohmert says, "When you really analyze it's only when you really base the government on the teachings of Jesus that there is enough freedom to worship."

For more information on Mobberly's upcoming services, visit below.

Mobberly Baptist Church

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snydergal, rattatooey and liberals have nothing positive to offer... no ideas, no solutions, no hope. You can only call people names and shout them down. Free speech for you but nobody else. The best thing that could happen to you would be to GO TO CHURCH AND HEAR HIS SERMON.

Your post really doesn't deserve much of a reply, but I will post that people like you have closed minds, love the faux news brand of "news", and haven't got a clue about fairness, compassion, justice and equality...and the fact that you consider Sheila a liberal proves that you are around the corner and down the bloc, out of sight of have the Constitutional right to free speech, but don't you dare try to step on anyone else's right to do the same...and yes, I am a proud Democrat!!

Well, I would guess that in reverend gomer's eyes, only devout, ultra-conservative, ultra-religious evangelical Christians should live in the United States...that right-of-right officials should rule from the top down, and that every single other faith belief/temple/synagogue/mosque, etc., should be shut down and anyone who doesn't "look" like a Christian, who doesn't go to a Baptist church every time the door opens, should either self-deport or be thrown out of this country...right? are a babbling idiot. When Jesus Christ walked the Earth, the Romans were in power, yet there were no political protest. Another thing Gohmert; please do not use the church as a platform for your idiotic thoughts. We in America, get the government we deserve by voting for people like you. SHUT UP AND GO AND SERVE YOUR CONSTITUENTS PLEASE. GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!

And still not a peep from Gohmert about secret FISA courts and secret laws where the NSA records every communication of every citizen. There is a new Republican on the block Louie, a Republican who demands a less intrusive government no matter what their excuse to violate the constitution may be.

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