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Continuing coverage: Chuch of Wells controversy


POSTED: Sunday, September 8, 2013 - 7:46pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 13, 2013 - 8:56am

Early this week we told you the story of 26-year-old Arkansas Resident, Catherine Grove, who disappeared from her home back in July. She was then found here in East Texas, in the small town of Wells, in Cherokee county.

Catherine joined a church known as "The Church of Wells" and her parents say since then they have had limited contact with her. Saturday afternoon, Sean Morris , Elder from the Church of Wells sent out a message to all local media, calling a news conference to speak-up on their side of the Catherine Grove story. Sunday, we were supposed to be live from Cherokee County at that meeting, however around 1 p.m., Morris sent out an email canceling the news conference, saying he hopes to reschedule.

Morris says in the email, "Patty and Andy (Grove) are slandering and misrepresenting the situation"

Morris claims Catherine’s sister has practiced some sort of ungodly rituals and Morris says, "Catherine lived with (her sister) for approximately two years, and has had trailing spiritual side effects ever since." Hence the reason she needed to be “saved.

The Grove's claim the church elders have traveled to Arkansas and attempted to harass and stalk their family, specifically Catherine's oldest sister, who remains in Fayetteville.

KETK has contacted the Fayetteville, Arkansas police department to confirm any investigation they may have pending on this matter, they have not confirmed any investigation at this time, but they are aware of the situation.

KETK has also contacted the FBI Dallas/East Texas division, and they cannot confirm or deny any investigation into the Church of Wells at this time. Also, KETK called the Little Rock Arkansas FBI division --- they have not returned calls at this time to confirm any investigation.

Since this story broke this past week, KETK has had numerous relatives of some Church of Wells members contact our news station. They want to tell their side of the story, they are claiming the church is indeed a cult and they say they fear for their family member's safety. We hope to bring you their stories later this week.

We will continue to follow this story closely, and we will bring you any new developments as they become available to our newsroom.

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Comments News Comments this says it all.....the 4 signs to watch out Dr. Phil

Ditto, pete1911! Now, that's what I want my hard-earned tax-dollar money spent on! "Rescue and Return" Catherine Grove and all the other families' dear loved ones, dear Lord, and our U.S government!

It would fantastic if media would follow up about baby Faith Pursley's death and where the investigation stands. Cherokee County will not answer reasonable questions. There's needs to be some sunlight there. A very uncomfortable situation - Sheriff's Deputies are on-record making statements about freedom of religion (the group never said that themselves). But citizens don't seem to be able to get an answer about the investigation. When it is The People's RIGHT to ask these questions.

If these people are benign they should be open about their beliefs and practices. If their faith can't stand the light of day they must be hiding something. I live right down the street. It is worrisome to have this sort of thing taking over our neighborhood.

Great! Keep this in the limelight! This IS a cult. We knew, very well, 4 of the adults prior to their involvement. They are not the same people now.

The concept of freedom of, from or for religion is one thing, but this dangerous excuse for a church has become an organization that should be exposed and closed, and the David Koresh-wanna-be's need to be prosecuted for kidnapping and whatever other charges can be levied against them. This has gone far beyond the Catherine issue, and parents of others who have fallen into lock-step with this group need to demand that a thorough investigation by every agency possible should happen NOW!

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