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POSTED: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 6:01pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 4:45am

For some Halloween night is the most fun night of the year... getting spooked at a haunted house, or dressing up like someone who you're not for a night.

However, ome East Texan parents are a little spooked by the sexy costumes on the shelves.

Spirit Halloween's owner and manager Charlotte Gomez witnesses this at her shop.

"There's been some people that have just said no, you are not going to wear that," said Gomez.

One East Texan dad I spoke with doesn't agree with whats available for teens and kids,and believes there should be an age limit to certain costumes.

Gomez told me that Spirit has a section in the shop to make parents happy.

"They took a little bit of the more current looks,the cute looks that adults like, but they've toned it down to where dads will approve."

This year Gomez has surprisingly seen a change in the attraction to them.

"Overall the sexier costumes have not trended as much as some of your generic looks," said Gomez.

She says the younger adults are grabbing the tv and movie character driven costumes such as the most popular pick this year, 'minions' from Despicable Me.

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There is nothing wrong with this costume . When you go to football games where cheerleaders wear short skirts part of their outfits . Where are parents when stuff like this is worn . They sale short skirts as everyday wear in stores. So if this is in appropriate then stores shouldn't sale skirts so short and cheerleaders shouldn't wear them . Undergarments are used when it comes to skirts are so short.

Where were you raised, in a barn ?

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