Controversy surrounds Cherokee County election judges

Controversy surrounds Cherokee County election judges
Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 5:39pm

The Cherokee County Commissioners Court has approved election judges for the upcoming election season, but controversy surrounds the decisions made. "The party chairs do have a deadline of July 31st that they have to get their list to use to me," said Shannon Cornelius, elections administrator.

When the republican's chair list had not been submitted on time, Cornelius was forced to make her own list, and based it on voting records. She contacted the secretary of state, and was told to give her list to the commissioners court. "I'm not the kind of person that's trying to go against the law," said Cornelius.

Karen Morris, the republican chair didn't agree with Cornelius'' list, she highlighted their names, and made personal notes to the side. "She pointed out all of the problems with the people, and that's was has a lot of judges on the list pretty upset," said Cornelius. One of those names was Mary Lykins.

"That made me upset because that put me in a bad light as far as voters," said Lykins when she saw she was scored by Morris as a 'weak republican' . "I have a problem with the notes that are on there, which those notes are incorrect. Cause I'm a very strong republican, my husband and I donate to the republican party every year," said Lykins.

However Morris told KETK her comments written down were facts, she says in quote: "As the republican county chairman I looked everyone's voting record up who wanted to work as an republican election judge to make sure they were qualified to work as an election judge. I have that right."

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