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Cornyn on the UN arms treaty

Cornyn on the UN arms treaty

POSTED: Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 9:42am

UPDATED: Sunday, November 11, 2012 - 2:10pm

Last week we told you about the United Nations small arms conference going on all this month in New York.

The object is a treaty regulating the international arms trade. But some still suspect they seek to do more.

And, like so many conspiracies, it concerns not what is said, but what is suspected.

For starters, the treaty, if it is ever agreed upon, only governs the international sale of specific kinds of small arms. The UN charter forbids interfering in the laws of member states. The US Constitution takes precedence over any treaty, and any treaty must be ratified by the US Senate.

And today, Senator John Cornyn told KETK, the Senate will vet it thoroughly.

“Should there be a treaty put to the Senate by the President,” cornyn told us, “my expectation is that this would be thoroughly vetted and debated, and if any of these concerns are justified, I have a hard time believing it would be ratified.”

In fact, the Secretary of State says, US regulations on international shipments of weapons to brutal regimes or terrorists are already the “gold standard” for responsible arms trade.

Secretary Clinton says her greatest hope is that the rest of the world agrees to standards we already use. But according to Cornyn, the problem is simple distrust.

“Well, I think what you’re hearing from people is what I’m hearing from people,” he said, “and that’s an enormous skepticism about Washington and the federal government and so I think that’s sort of the premise for a lot of this.”

And some misinformation as well. But the upshot is, it simply will not get through the Senate if there is any perceived threat to US sovereignty.

“But you’re certainly correct in that the Senate would have to ratify this treaty,” Cornyn concluded, “and that’s something that I think maybe is not well understood.”

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We also know that a Democrat majority in the senate will lead to confirmation of anything Obama promotes.

Senator Cornyn has failed his duties miserably for several years now. I moved to TX in 2003 and as the years go by he is less responsive to his constituency and less concerned about the constitution as the rule of law. Like almost everyone elected who spends time in D.C. he loses his compass of right and wrong and when this happens coupled with failure to hear what his constituents are saying, there is only one cure, bring him home so he can recover from the D.C. Disease. Brain Melt.

We like our guns in the USA! So, Cornyn, Clinton, Obama, and @themick1 take a walk off a short pier. We don not trust you! Screw the UN and their "One World Government" agenda. In fact UN just get the HELL OUT already. We are sick of you pushing the USA around, forcing us to be the Worlds police, and trying to force you socialist garbage on us. Republicans Vote this Commie Sheep in Republican clothing AKA: John Cornyn out of office.

...because there is no treaty yet. That is what they are talking about in New York, and all the sessions are public. When and if it is hammered out, it will be public. The debate in the Senate will be public. The vote will be public. There is no secret treaty.

So, then, why is the wording of the treaty such a big secret? Even the UN reports and UN propaganda, such as the "Armed to the Teeth" movie and child brainwashing sessions, are not at all reassuring. Get the UN the hell out of our affairs, Get out of the UN.

Article 6 also continues...that the rule only applies if any laws of the states or the Constitution do not come into conflict. It was finally decided by the Supreme Court in the 1950's. Cornyn and the story are right.

Concerning Article VI's relationship to the Small Arms Treaty if ratified by the Senate, I believe this situation has already been decided, in favor of the Constitution.

Reid v. Covert (1957) ruled that no branch of the United States Government can have powers conferred upon it by treaty that have not been conferred by the United States Constitution.

There you go. the Constitution says that the American people have the right to "Keep and Bear Arms". No foreign treaty can trump that.

Senator Cornyn is incorrect that the Constitution would not be affected by the Small Arms Treaty. Article VI of the Constitution makes treaties the "supreme law of the land". Essentially, should the Senate ratify the treaty it would become an amendment to the Constitution, changing our rights to keep and bear arms. The government could, and under this administration would, enact restrictions, that would not be constitutional under the 2nd Amendment, in order to "enforce the treaty".

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