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CORNYN: 'Texans will not stand for bullying of our state by the Obama Administration'

CORNYN: 'Texans will not stand for bullying of our state by the Obama Administration'

POSTED: Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 10:42am

UPDATED: Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 8:42am

On Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department is opening a new front in the battle for voter protections.

In Holder's speech to the National Urban League in Philadelphia, Holder stated the department is asking a federal court in San Antonio to require the state of Texas to get advanced approval before issuing future political redistricting changes.

Holder called the Voting Rights Act "the cornerstone of modern civil rights law," and said, "we cannot allow the slow unraveling of the progress that so many, throughout history, have sacrificed so much to achieve."

United State Senator, John Cornyn (R-TX), issued the following statement responding to reports that Attorney General Eric Holder will again target Texas’ voting laws in court:

“By first going around the voters and now the Supreme Court, Attorney General Holder and President Obama’s intentions are readily transparent," said Cornyn. "This decision has nothing to do with protecting voting rights and everything to do with advancing a partisan political agenda. Texans should not – and will not – stand for the continued bullying of our state by the Obama Administration.”

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Here's a suggestion let everyone keep making political contributions just like they are now. Just pass a law that says political contributions are no longer tax exempt. Then we'll see how patriotic these PAC's, and rich donors really are. Then the IRS wont have the ability to deny your tax exempt status because there won't be any. See how easy it is to solve these problems.
Look up the history of George Parr and how he rigged the vote for Johnson's first senate campaign. Chicago, Ha! Rookies.

Cornyn is the problem. We are currently living in a country that can view your call logs (Prism). It can screen all your phone calls and emails (Echelon). It can declare you to be a terrorist and hold you indefinitely without charging you. It can try you in a secret court, and execute you without due process. In other words the Bill of Rights has been suspended, and John Cornyn voted for all of it.

deef, you blew it again! You posted that the President and Democrats are going to "do everything they can to obstruct fair voting"? Redistricting by repubs in Texas was anything BUT fair...stacked to disenfranchise minorities and pump up the probability that the 4 additional Congressional seats would be filled by talk "fair" in the same sentence you lie about Obama and Democrats? Keep peddling junk that no one else reads...but I'll continue to call you on every single lie.

...sign the petition to secede from the US, create the United State of Texas, crown gov. hairspray king (after all, the New Apostolic Reformation anointed him before his failed run for POTUS), build a 20' fence around the new state/country, issue passports and have armed guards stationed at entry/exit checkpoints, give every person above the age of 12 an assault weapon, be super selective about who is allowed to live in your new country. Would that make everyone happy?

Mid-Term elections are coming and we all know Obama and the Democrats are on the loosing side. Thus they will do everything they can to obstruct fair voting (just like they did with the IRS and Tea-Party obstruction.)

It's the Chicago way.

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