Cornyn vs Cruz


POSTED: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 6:38pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 2, 2013 - 2:20pm

Efforts to block Obamacare during upcoming debt ceiling negotiations have caused a very public disagreement among Republicans.
We know where Texas’ junior Senator stands, but how about our senior Senator?
Senator Cornyn’s position on the upcoming debt ceiling strategy has been evolving.
And that’s an issue some of our viewers have questions about.
The fight over health care reform has produced a new strategy.
Senator’s Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and 13 others sent a letter to the Democratic leadership saying they would tie a vote for the debt ceiling increase to a defunding of Obamacare.
Some in their own party feel that’s a losing position.
The fight has gotten ugly with Senator Cruz calling Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma a part of the “Surrender Caucus.”
So, the big question for some Texans is, where does our senior Senator John Cornyn stand?
He initially signed the debt ceiling letter, then asked that his name be removed.
Today, his office gave me this statement…
“After reviewing Sen. Lee’s letter, Sen. Cornyn feels the best approach to defund Obamacare is Sen. Cruz’s bill to do so and Sen. Cornyn is an original cosponsor of this bill. If there is a government shutdown as Sen. Lee’s letter promotes, most of Obamacare would still be funded and we would still have the same problem on our hands.”
They are referring to Cruz’s “Defund Obamacare Act of 2013,” proposed earlier in the month, not the debt ceiling strategy.
Cornyn’s office told us, he would not be available for a comment.

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We've already exceeded the debt ceiling. Congress lies to us.
According to the Daily Treasury Statement for July 26, which the Treasury released this afternoon, the federal debt has been stuck at exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00 for 70 straight days.
That is approximately $25 million below the debt ceiling. Coincidence? News worthy?

The real number is found here.

Cruz is a strange little toady.

You are a strange BIG toady.

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