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Corporal punishment in schools


POSTED: Monday, April 19, 2010 - 5:16pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 22, 2013 - 12:15pm

     TYLER-One central Texas school district has brought back the paddle as a way to restore respect and discipline in the classroom. Although some U.S. school districts have banned corporal punishment, Texas doesn't seem to believe in sparing the rod.

     If you think paddling doesn't happen anymore think again. According to statistics, nearly one-fourth of the estimated 225,000 students spanked in schools in 2006 nationwide were right here in Texas. And now thanks to one school district the issue is yet again making headlines.

     It's a old school throwback to set kids straight. Now with discipline becoming a major issue in public schools, one Texas town has turned once again to the old-fashioned tool to deal with the problem.

     The school board president for Temple ISD near Waco says since the reinstatement of corporal punishment last May, discipline problems have almost become a thing of the past.

     Only one student has been paddled so far and that was at the request of the parent.

     Now supporters across the country are arguing that this school district is proof that the punishment does indeed work and that just the threat of paddling can significantly help with out-of-line children.

     Others believe this kind of disciplining should be handled by the parents.

     "I'd rather do it myself," Charles Whiteside of Tyler told us. "I think it ought to be up to the parents to do the disciplining and not the school system."

     So will other school districts across Texas follow Temple ISD and dust off the paddle once again?

     Tyler ISD and Longview ISD tells us reasonable corporal punishment has always been allowed and can be used if the parent gives them permission. And though they can use this type of punishment, both districts say its very rare.

     Corporal punishment is still allowed in 20 states, including here in Texas.

     It is interesting to note that the United States is the only nation in the western world which still permits corporal punishment in its schools.

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Violence breeds violence. Hitting teaches our kids that if you hit hard enough you can make anyone do what you want.

Nonsense. It didn't teach me any such thing.

I expect a ton of liberal platitudes in response, and absolutely no rationality.

Spanking works. Here in Texas, once schools began prohibiting spanking, disciplinary problems SKYROCKETED over several years.

Check out and gets some facts before you give an opinion!!!

Healthy fear? That is an oxymoron!!!
When you use physical violence to force your will upon anyone that is battery/assault.
A principal in Henderson ISD left my child seriously bruised and nothing is being done because I gave my permission!! If a parent bruises their child then CPS is notified but if the school does it you have no rights!! Police officer called to the campus said it was not illegal for the school to bruise my child.
Why would anyone want someone else to hit their

The bottom line is, many kids now days have no respect or fear of authority because there are often no consequences at school. The schools have removed most of the authority from the teachers so the students have no fear. My opinion, kids should have a healthy fear of adults. Unfortunately they dont

It's about time. ALL school districts should reinstate this policy and actually use this policy. If a child knows there is a consequence to their actions, maybe then there would not be so much action. I have always instructed my son's teachers, if he disrespests them they better paddle his tailend and then he gets another when he gets home. Teachers deserve to work in much better conditions than they currently do.

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