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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

3 OK teenagers who shot baseball player becuase they were bored, not charged with hate crime

3 OK teenagers who shot baseball player becuase they were bored, not charged with hate crime
Stephens County Sheriff's Office/CNN

POSTED: Friday, August 23, 2013 - 6:25pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 26, 2013 - 1:07pm

An Australian baseball player gunned down in Oklahoma was not targeted because of his race.

That's according to the district attorney involved in the case.

DA Jason Hicks says there is no evidence to support race was the primary motive in Christopher Lane's murder.

Three teenagers, James Edwards Jr., Chancey Luna and Michael Jones, are charged in Lane's death.

Authorities say they shot the 23-year-old while he was out jogging.

One of the teenagers told police they decided to kill somebody because "they were bored."


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If I were the DA, I wouldn't fool around the with "hate crime"crap either. Just charge them with capital murder and get them life without parole. (death penalty is off the table b/c of their age).

I think committing a crime for no motive is just as bad or worse than committing it with a motive (whatever it may be).
The Supreme Court was wrong to take the DP off the table for juvenile offenders. These are usually the pure sociopaths running around--think Patrick Horn or the Beasely brother.

There are a couple million more just like them roaming a neighborhood near you. These 3 kids are a symptom of a really sick society.

These three kids and the other two I mentioned below are evidence and proof of what their parents have taught them, hate and racism, the same thing that got Trayvon Martin killed. I see it almost every day doing service calls, the parents act normal, but the kids will stand there looking at you with their fists doubled up like they want to rip your heart out, and I am talking about kids 6 to 12 years old. They did not learn that from their friends they learned it from their parents.

Fire up " old sparky " and send it to Oklahoma, people like these three need to be put down like rabid dogs. Then they can use it to put down those two thugs that shot and killed the baby in the stroller by shooting him in the face. Just why haven't we heard from Sharpton, Jackson, & the NAACP on these two cases, after all no black person is guilty of anything according to them.

Why has the media not blown up on this killing like the Trayvon Martin killing??? I've only seen it reported 1 day, where's all the media on this??

How much more proof do you need to know that media is anti-white ?

So I guess their pictures with them doing gang signs don't mean nothing, nor their twitters about killing whites?

Nah, they were just bored...

But Zimmerman was a racist cause, uh, well just cause.

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