AMBER ALERT DISCONTINUED: 5-year-old boy missing from Dallas area found safe

AMBER ALERT DISCONTINUED: 5-year-old boy missing from Dallas area found safe
North Richland Hills Police Department

POSTED: Friday, December 20, 2013 - 11:51am

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 9:58am

An Amber Alert has been discontinured by the North Richland Hills Police Department for missing five-year-old, Jagger Curry, after he was found.

The North Richland Hill Police Department tells KETK Curry was found safe and his alleged abductor is in custody.

Curry is a five-year-old, white male, standing 3'6" and weighing in at 40 pounds. Jagger is reported to have brown hair, brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, gray and white pajama pants and cowboy boots.

Police were looking for Jennifer Lynne Echeverria who is reported to have taken Curry. She is a 30-year-old white female, 30 years old, standing 5’9” and weighing 140 pounds. She has brown hair, brown eyes and was last seen wearing a black short-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. She has a tattoo of angel wings with eyes on the inside of both arms and a star tattoo on the back of her neck. The back of her head is shaved.

Echeverria was driving a silver, 2003 Lexus RX300 with a Texas license plate number Z01-YB.


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I am so happy that he was found so quickly. I just wish all missing people could be. His abductor looks to me like a HE not a SHE......s.he deserves a nice punishment for what she did.

Psychic friend say alive, in blue car. sleeping?

does any one else see the adams apple on the female ? suspect

SHe looks like a man to me.....anyone else?

Im sorry but I immediantly thought the same thing that definitely looks like a man I guess I've been watching to much JERRY SPRINGER

That's NOT a woman! How do we let people get by with this? A man is a man is a man.

thank you Jesus that he was found whenever he was found . thank you for Amber Alert

Thank God this child was found and is safe at home! What i can't believe are the comments! The Amber Alert system was put in place for a very good reason and has saved or brought home thousands of children. It doesn't matter the reason the alert is sent out, wether it's a child abduction, a 14 yr old runaway or a custody issue. They don't issue it for no good reason! Have you watched the news lately??? Even in custody issues the other parent has been known to murder their own child! Shame on you

uuhhmmmmm maybe people are still sharing it also to share that the child was FOUND and share the great news!! those who pay enough ATTENTION to see these missing persons generally pay enough attention to see current dates/information and updates!!!! THANK :)

To all those who are saying or even thinking that this is an old one. Have you looked at the date before you assumed.

Take a second to look at the dates:
POSTED: Friday, December 20, 2013 - 11:51am
UPDATED: Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 8:57pm
That was yesterday my friends. I'm just saying. It is better to check your facts before you assume. I am glad that he was found safe.

glad to hear the little boy was found & the nasty Abductor was caught & locked up; now the family can sit back & relax knowing their little one is home safe & sound; if it we're me & go crazy wondering what & why my child or children were Abducted in the 1st place. just happy that your baby is home

Take this down ! It is NOT new. This was from Dec.The child was found ! It hurts all the current Amber Alerts ! ! !

Your post was BEFORE the child was found. 10 days before he was found.

You are a total idiot for making this comment. What if it had been your child? Some people just don't know when to SHUT UP!

If you will noticed dated as found dated Saturday , January 25,2014. I am sure for some one to post this about the missing child is doing so to help. If it was your child missing you would be praying for all the help you could get from everyone. You would want your child face posted , asking for any info. Think about it.

Ever stop to think that maybe they just found the boy? He went missing in Dec. It didn't say that he was found the same day. Just say'n.

I pray and pray for any child that gets kidnapped I wish it will just stop I am 14 and I cry for this kind of things I pray for familys and friend but when a children go missing I pray at school and at home even if I do get in trouble for praying at school this is stupid to do

It blessed me to read your comment. I pray that God will bless you for standing up in His name.

Just my thoughts on this subject: There are 100's of children and adults that go missing everyday and Facebook is a wonderful venue to help put the word out in helping to find them...when ever we see the " PLEASE SHARE! AMBER ALERT " we all stop and read and paint a mental picture in our minds, but what troubles me is that they don't take it down when that person is found, it just continues to circulate long after... So why not take a second to click on the link and do a lil research and if they

i hope she he whatever never sees the light of day ever again that little boy in the pic looks like he is scared to death and that sub human creature that kidnapped him trust me she is already dead meat in jail

or atleast look it up before they share it.

I share each and every Amber Alert I come across. IF it is late and I dont see the date, then I share it anyway.Better post late than not and maybe be the one post that saves a child....

Hi Barbara, I think its awesome that you share all the missing people posts that you see on Facebook, but you really should be cautious to look up the event and make sure its not resolved before posting so that further damage isn't done to the family that's been affected. It would be really difficult to see a missing person post of someone you love that is a couple of months old, even years old. This may bring up post traumatic syndrome episodes or even fear that its happened again. Research

I always google before sharing. If the person has been found I put the link to that information in the comments. Some people are still posting alerts cleared up in 2007. These outdated alerts do detract from current searches, so if someone gives you credible information that the person has been found, please go back and delete the post, or better yet, take one minute to check.

WOW!! That is one UGLY, SCARY looking character!!

Wow..."She" looks like a man in a wig! (..look at the throat!) Def a wig. say the least. Thank God, the child is safe. (..wouldn't want him to end up in a wig like that!)
All jokes happy the little boy is safe.

How can you not what to believe or pay close attention to an Amber Alert?! That is insane. My guess is these people have no children (any age!) of their own, no feelings, are morons themselves, no brains or are just insane. Glad this one turned out OK. Not all do. Shameful for the ignorant.

It never fails to amaze me , how stupid and ignorant some of you people are really...I really mean it ....where the hell did you people come from ... do you even think before you open your mouths or give an opinion...If
you folks actually think and feel the way you do about these Amber Alerts being a waste of your time ...sorry to tell you but You are a waste of someone's sperm.

UncleBear you have my vote. People who say Amber Alerts are a waste of time, should keep there mouth. They are a waste of oxygen. You bet your last dollar if it was their child was missing they would want a Amber Alert for them.

Very well said. I cannot believe anyone would believe amber alerts are a waste of time, I am sure if it was one of their loved ones missing or in danger they would not feel that way. I hope and pray nothing does happen to this persons family or friends and that they feel the amber alert is a waste of time. some people have no cooth and are just unbelievabally stupid

Very well said, I cannot imagine anyone saying that an amber alert is a complete waste of time, I am sure that if it was one of their love ones missing and in danger they wouldn't say something so completely stupid and inhumane.

From what I can gather on this, the Grandmother had the boy in her care, not sure why. The boys mother who drives a fairly nice car, took her son! Why? No one said, did DSS give temp. Or permanent custody to the Grandmother? Or I'd mom just let her keep him and maybe while she was at moms they had a disagreement and mom took her own son for a ride or to get something to eat and Grandma got mad and called the law? Learn facts before you pass judgement!

why would they post an amber alert for someone that just took their son for a ride that had just left him with grandma for awhile. come on I think they investigate this a little more before they actually put out an amber alert

I'm so glad he is safe and unharmed. Although sometimes amber alerts may be for naught one never knows, and I would hate it if a child was harmed or killed because some people ignore amber alerts. I bet if it was their child or grandchild they wouldn't want ANYONE ignoring amber alerts for ANY REASON. Thanks to everyone who pays attention. I for one always share them no matter how many states away they are issued for.

hotzx10 is exactly right. I don't pay much attention for the same reason. "Amber Alerts" are useless because they've been expanded to include every type of "abduction". Usually it's a 14-year-old girl who ran away from home and the parents suspect her 19-year-old boyfriend. The relationship, if sexual, may be illegal. But it's certainly not a kidnapping. Ditto all these alerts over kids taken by non-custodial parents. There is the rare story of a murder-suicide, but they are rare indeed.

what a dumb ass! There is a protocol before sending out an amber alert! They don't just send out alerts without investigating. And they have to feel the child is in DANGER to issue an AMBER ALERT!!
AND secondly regarding runaways....teen runaways are usually running themselves into DANGEROUS situations.....they still need to be found safe!!!

the words "Amber Alert" were created in memory of a little girl who was kidnapped and murdered by a stranger. The police don't just randomly issue an amber alert for a missing teenager they suspect has run away, you moron. I just thank the lord that your "type" is few and far between and that people are mostly smart, vigilant, and care about what happens around them. Your stupid comment just gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach....seriously you're a moron.


I agree. The only thing that exceeds this morons ignorance is his or her arrogance! Hopefully they can't reproduce.

Ignorance, hate and arrogance is contagous. Ahhh Choo. I will say nothing more I will not catch what you have caught from your "Moron" They just reproducted there "illness" to you and now you have come down closer to the same level as you look down on them.

Ignorance, hate and arrogance is contagous. Ahhh Choo. I will say nothing more I will not catch what you have caught from your "Moron" They just reproducted there "illness" to you and now you have come down closer to the same level as you look down on them.


What an interesting story. Did you notice how no information was given about the relationship between the 'abductor' and the child? Most likely the 'mother abductor' was 10 minutes late returning the child from visitation. Did you see the very accurate description of the 'abductor'? Picture of the car with license plate and everything. This is why I never pay any attention to these amber alerts. Most of the time a bitter mother is taking out her frustration on an ex-husband. Wise up comen

Most like the mother (abductor) is an addict and did not take of the child from the start and could be very well endangering that child.. Hope you or a family member never has to go thru the uncertainties of not knowing where your child or grand child is or if they are being taken care of. There is a reason she did not have custody..

You might look at another source for a more full story before making some comments...

I found this at another site
"According to police, Echeverria entered her mother's home in the 9200 block of Glen Haven Court in North Richland Hills around 8 a.m. Friday. At some point later in the morning, police said Echeverria threatened her mother with a knife and demanded to take Curry from the home."

I just want the name of her stylist....

So glad to hear that this adorable little 5 year old boy was found, is safe, and back with his family. God is good, thankfully. The kidnapper should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

really people stop taking kids!!!!!

She looks like a he......

that's the comment you leave regarding an amber alert(even though he is safe and sound) WOW

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