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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - 12:10pm

AMBER ALERT DISCONTINUED: 5-year-old boy missing from Dallas area found safe

AMBER ALERT DISCONTINUED: 5-year-old boy missing from Dallas area found safe
North Richland Hills Police Department

POSTED: Friday, December 20, 2013 - 11:51am

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 9:58am

An Amber Alert has been discontinured by the North Richland Hills Police Department for missing five-year-old, Jagger Curry, after he was found.

The North Richland Hill Police Department tells KETK Curry was found safe and his alleged abductor is in custody.

Curry is a five-year-old, white male, standing 3'6" and weighing in at 40 pounds. Jagger is reported to have brown hair, brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, gray and white pajama pants and cowboy boots.

Police were looking for Jennifer Lynne Echeverria who is reported to have taken Curry. She is a 30-year-old white female, 30 years old, standing 5’9” and weighing 140 pounds. She has brown hair, brown eyes and was last seen wearing a black short-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. She has a tattoo of angel wings with eyes on the inside of both arms and a star tattoo on the back of her neck. The back of her head is shaved.

Echeverria was driving a silver, 2003 Lexus RX300 with a Texas license plate number Z01-YB.


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y do ppl do this take children when they know at the end they in jail for ever

Have you ever been to school 420love? You are showing either your ignorance or stupidity when you write like this. y=why ppl=people period should come after this. the next sentence is so messed up. A better sentence would be:
Why do people take children when they know they will end up in jail forever?

WE ARE NOT ALL ENGLISH PROFESSERS, I FOUND IT SIMPLE TO INTERPET HIS COMMENT, AND WHY ARE U CORRECTIING HIM ? IS IT UR BUSINESS TO BE LITTLE A MAN.? THE SUBJECT WAS AMBER ALERT , u MADE NO MENTION OF It YOUR REPLY. i had a similar conversation with a high school kid , well he read a comment I posted ,and his reply 20 min of correcting my spelling and putting me down on fbook nothing to do with my comment, well when I said I have a case of turrets ,and tearing hi ass up , he's blocked me .

You didn't even spell "Tourette" syndrome right. Geez. Yes, we are all spelling Nazis. Get over it.

NO they do not get jailed forever. That is a big problem. They don't even serve the entire sentence they are given.

So true, and therein lies the problem

Back in my days as a child, we didn't hear about children being abducted or kidnapped, and if you did, it was always about money. These days it's all about evil, and bad. What does that say about our world we live in? This family is truly blessed to have their precious child back. God was undoubtedly holding his hand. To God be the glory. This family will have a merry christmas after all. Lets put Christ back in christmas.

There is the core of the whole problem. Everybody seems to forget the only reason we have hope for ever after. That is Christ. He died, He rose, and He ascended into Heaven. All in the name of the sins that we, not Him, committed. Our country was built on the foundation of "In God We Trust" and yet most schools don't even allow prayer any more. So don't even say the pledge of allegiance for fear of offending someone. I will proudly offend some one if it means acknowledging God as my Lord.

i Hope they put her away for good. How long was he missing for? where was he when he went missing? Im so glad that they found him and happy for the family on his return. This can happen to anyone anywhere, so please watch out for people that you do and dont know out there. More likely to happen to family members. AGAIN SO HAPPY FOR HIS FAMILY

So glad that they found him, where was he taken from? But i hope she gets alot of jail time for this,Happy for his family to have him home and safe and sound.

That's a he pretending to be a she for sure!

I'm 58 in our small town we never heard of that back the Joe Clancy

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