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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wife plots husband's murder

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 10:37am

A Michigan woman has pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to kill her husband.

The hitman-to-be was actually an undercover cop. The sting was set up after a coworker contacted police, saying Julia Merfeld told him she wanted her husband killed. In undercover police videos, she sounds like she's planning a vacation, rather than her husband's murder.

21-year-old, Merfeld was smiling right before discussing how to carry out her husband's killing.

The two agreed on making the killing look like a break-in, Merfeld was caught on camera showing the "hitman" a layout of the home and where to park.

She also showed the undercover officer a picture of her husband.

Her reasoning behind the murder was they couple was fighting.

"As terrible as it, sounds it's easier then divorcing him," said Merfeld. "I didn't have to worry about the judgment of my family. I didn't have to worry about breaking his heart."

Merfeld says she's been thinking about this for a while and it's the best choice.

For $50-thousand, the deal was made.

The money would be coming from her husband's life-insurance policy.

Merfeld was arrested a short time later. and pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder last month.

Her sentencing is July 30th where she faces a minimum of six years in prison.

Believe it or not, her husband says he doesn't want her to spend any time in jail.

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