CPS: Officials find missing infant taken by mother with drug history

CPS: Officials find missing infant taken by mother with drug history

POSTED: Monday, April 28, 2014 - 2:08pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 5, 2014 - 2:16pm

Child Protective Services has found a child who who went missing along  with his mother.

According to CPS spokesperson Shari Pulliam, Kimberli Tennison, 26, of Whitehouse, has a history of drug use. Her child, 2-month-old Michael Tennison, had been placed into a temporary managing conservertorship with CPS on April 23.

According to the Department of Family and Public Services website, when a child must be removed from their home, the court appoints Child Protective Services to be a "Conservator" of the child. That means CPS is legally responsible for the child's welfare and that is when a Conservatorship (CVS) caseworker comes in. A CVS caseworker monitors children's care while they are in CPS conservatorship. 

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I can see a number of questions about this case. Was the child placed with a family caregiver would be the first. Another would be was the baby born with drugs in his system? CPS has a habit of going after parents with drug history when there is no indication the child was ever in danger. In Jan 2013, we had a case that we had to defend a mother over drugs given her at the hospital and then breast feed the baby. Thankfully we had a good judge.

So just announcing she has a history of drug use; ya, who hasn't? and with CPS across the nation being the way it is, the child is more likely to suffer abuse in foster care than with an abusive parent. Many social workers jobs are just to lie and take children, don't trust CPS. ever and never let em in your house.

where is her other child serenity

Another unfortunate situation that should have been avoided.
If the infant was under a CPS conservatorship how did she get the child?
She's not supposed to be near the child without supervision or possibly at all.
Someone at CPS dropped the ball.
Is this a system-wide breakdown at CPS?
Will there be a cover-up so high-level administrators can keep their cushy jobs?
If this infant is harmed who, besides the mother, will be held responsible?
Should Nell at KETK send in a crack investigative team?


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