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ETX man fatally shot after crime spree

ETX man fatally shot after crime spree
Eustace PD

POSTED: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 11:35am

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 3:35pm

A Kaufman County man was fatally shot Sunday during a confrontation with Garland police officers. Casey Daniel Smith, 31, of Mabank has been identified as the victim.

The incident occurred after Smith allegedly stole a car from an elderly woman in Eustace.

According to Eustice Police records, on Saturday at 1:15 a.m., officers tried to pull over a stolen truck driven by a man, later identified as Casey Smith. At the time, authorities knew of warrants already out for his arrest. A second passenger, his wife, was also in the vehicle.

The fugitive refused to pull over and began to lead authorities on a high-speed chase. During the pursuit, Smith hit the brakes and threw the truck into reverse, slamming it into the officer's car.

The policeman was not injured and was able to continue following the suspect onto County Road 2919.

At this point, Smith threw a backpack of syringes and methamphetamines out of the passenger window, which was later found by law enforcement.

After stopping to let his wife out of the truck, the fugitive turned around and attempted to ram police head-on, but the officer dodged him by inches, driving into the ditch.

The suspect then drove the stolen vehicle into a field where he jumped out and ran from police. Henderson County deputies began assisting with the search for Smith in a nearby wooded area.

Following the high-speed chase and search, authorities were dispatched to the 12,000 block of County Road 2912 on a robbery report. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they discovered an 82-year-old woman had been attacked and robbed.

According to reports, she walked into her home at 1:45 p.m. to a man matching a description of the early morning chase suspect. The stranger had ransacked her house and defecated in the toilet. The intruder told the victim his wife was in trouble, had been arrested and he needed to get some help.

Smith then followed the elderly woman into her garage where he punched her in the head and pushed her to the ground. At this time, the fugitive took the victim's cellphone and car keys.

Authorities scoured the scene for clues, finding a window screen removed with a machete next to it on the ground. The house was cleared and a robbery report was filed.

Eustace Police Chief Ken Holder arrested his wife, Brandi Smith, 30, of Mabank, and booked her into the Henderson County Jail. She was charged with evading arrested, detention in a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance; a syringe filled with meth was found in her purse. Her bond was set at $22,500.

The following day, a Garland officer was off-duty at a local Wal-Mart in the 1,800 block of Market Place when he spotted a shoplifter, later identified as Smith. The officer attempted to stop the man, but he ran.

After deploying his Taser on the suspect, which failed, the wanted man began moving toward the officer aggressively with a crowbar in hand. The officer warned him to stop and fired after he did not.

Smith was struck once with a bullet and later died at a Dallas hospital.

The elderly woman's car was recovered in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

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"She was charged with evading arrested". More proofreading needed.

Please proofread before posting these stories people. The word is 'knew' not 'new' (authorities new of warrants) and the correct spelling is 'brakes', not 'breaks' (Smith hit the breaks). This is not high school English class. This is supposed to be top-notch news reporting.

Good riddance.

Now what were his plans for the crowbar, duct tape, radar detector, and blades? More car jackings?

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