ETX police file for seizure of truck used in dragging of Constable

ETX police file for seizure of truck used in dragging of Constable
Trinity Police Department

POSTED: Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 2:14pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 8:42am

Pictured here is a 1994 Chevy Pick Up that was used in the assault of Constable Mark Cole.

Michael Harris was arrested by Deputy Mann on July 11, 2013. Harris was charged felony aggravated assault of a public servant, felony assault of a public servant and felony driving while intoxicated third or more.

Constable Cole was patrolling FM 356 and subsequently located the truck near the intersection of FM356 and Denman. The officers attempted to stop the Harris when the suspect fled to the One Stop parking lot and pulled in.

While ordering the Harrist out of the vehicle, he stated he would not get out and the officers would have to shoot him.

The suspect began pulling his vehicle forward when Cole tried to grab the door, the suspect accelerated, and Cole's arm was stuck in the vehicle.

The suspect carried Cole back to FM356 and he fell from the truck and rolled several times on the road. The suspect briefly paused after Cole fell and at that time Mann was able to stop the suspect and forcefully take him into custody.

Following this arrest, Precinct 2 Constables Office has seized and filed paperwork with the courts for the seizure of the vehicle.

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I'm glad the constable wasn't seriously hurt and this guy deserves the book thrown at him, but the previous two comments are spot on. This is nothing but theft by the cops and it seems to be happening more all the time. These days simply driving across country with a few thousand dollars is a crime subject to theft by police. This is a vile and disgusting trend that must be reversed.

So this is a new twist of 'asset forfeiture' laws?

Now it was assault of a public servant but I see their thinking is anything involved in the assault is now somehow the property of the government?

So does that mean anyone running a stop light, with their car, can have it seized? Or speeding? Or just about anything were the car was used?

Looks more like legal theft.

The truck has no value unless the constable wants to show how powerful he is. As far as the DUI? Alcohol destroys families, property, lifes and really has no value except for the producers or any Alcohol beverage. They make money and you kill people ever hour nation wide if not more. Constables? These are questionable police officers with appointed deputies, They do not abide by the laws they are suppose to enforce. Appointed deputies with AK-47,s Tazors and a complete arsonal = trouble

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