'Facebook murder' suspect surveillance video


POSTED: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 5:14pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 8:17am

There's new video, released by the Miami Herald, from inside the home of Derek Medina who is accused of killing his wife and posting about it on Facebook, John Zarrella has the details.

Jennifer Alfonso is in the kitchen, She picks up a bottle of dish washing detergent. She won't leave this room alive.

The man walking in is her husband Derek Medina. The video, obtained by the Miami Herald, is silent.

Alfonso is now out of frame and Medina's back is to the camera. You can see just the top of his head, at one point he walks out and steps back in, it appears he and Alfonso are exchanging words.

Medina leaves the kitchen walks down the hall and then returns. You can't see it, but authorities say he has a gun, Alfonso probably has no idea she is taking her last breaths.

In a matter of seconds, she'll be dead. Both Alfonso and Medina are off camera now.

Police say Medina has told them his wife picked up a knife when he pointed the gun at her. Suddenly, there's a shower of what appear to be flakes, the aftermath of the gunshots.

That part of the video is chilling. It gets worse, this is where Medina calmly,in no rush, walks out, perhaps to get his camera phone, comes back to the entrance to the kitchen and appears to take the picture of his dead wife he admits he posted on Facebook.

Take a look at it one more time, Medina is holding something in his hands, likely the camera phone, as he walks to the kitchen entrance, stands there.

As he leaves, he puts what looks like a phone in his pocket. There is never any rush, no sence of urgency to get out of the house. Medina coolly puts on his shirt, a second camera trained on the front door, shows him putting on a jacket and baseball cap walking out and shutting the door behind him.

Medina has now been charged with second degree murder, but the state attorney says that could change to first degree murder after a grand jury meets.


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the worse part of this Face book thought it was ok to have them posted on there site... many people sad something and they did not a thing about it... but if an every day person post one thing about Sex hate or anything that up set them other than murder you get blocked ...... what is the world coming to? when a man can murder someone post it and it is ok....

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