GRAPHIC VIDEO: Family says dog was attacked with chemicals; possibly acid

Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 1:59pm

Video contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all audiences

A beloved family pet is suffering after a vicious chemical attack. The dog's owners don't know who did it and they don't know why they did it.

The look in his eyes says it all. Boomer is in pain because of this.

Sometime last week, someone poured some type of caustic liquid, maybe acid, on his back while he was in his Altoona, Iowa yard.

His owners took him to the vet when they saw the open sores.

"They started examining him, trimmed the hair back, and ended up following this trail and found this one, this one, and all this down the back."

"In my mind I can't help but but think, Boomer's a pit bull. And this was directed only towards him. That's, it's heartbreaking."

Heartbreaking because Boomer is a gentle giant and a deeply loved part of the family.

"I can't even imagine his reaction, and if it hurt him at the time, how he felt at the time, it's frustrating."

"Who could in their right mind would want to harm someone who's never done nothing to nobody."

Boomer's family just moved to Altoona a couple of months ago. They say they don't have any enemies and they've never had any complaints about Boomer because he's usually in the house, in his kennel, or being supervised in the yard.

"He knows not to cross the driveway, knows his boundaries, and will listen if he's told, hey too far. Don't go there. He'll actually stop."

"And I know that nobody's going to come forward and say yeah that was me. I did that to that dog. But hopefully we can get the word out and people will keep an extra eye out on their pets so it doesn't happen to them."

And to warn people that someone horrible, someone who could do this to a dog is still out there.

"A normal person does not do that. To a pit bull, to any other breed of dog. You can't be normal to, I mean those are severe burns. That's, who does that?"

Boomer is on medication for the pain and to fight off infection. He is expected to be okay.

His owners have filed a police report.

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