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GRAPHIC VIDEO: 'Nanny cam' catches burglar brutally attack homeowner


POSTED: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 3:37pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 11:28am

This video my not be suitable for all audiences.

A nanny-cam was rolling as a burglar brutally attacked a homeowner while her young child sat in the same room.

Now, police in Millburn, New Jersey are asking the public to look at the video, and help identify the attacker.

An alarm company was installing a security system at the victim's home on Cypress Street this afternoon, an understandable reaction after this.

Around 10:30 a.m., Friday morning, the young mother of two was attacked by an intruder who did not care that she was unarmed and putting up no resistance or that her little girl was in the room watching her mother struggling with a stranger who kicked his way inside.

During the assault, she made a conscious decision to take whatever the intruder dished out.

A nanny cam on the mantel captured the whole thing. It recorded the brutal punches and vicious kicks that sent her flying.

At one point he places her in a choke-hold and slams her to the floor.

Then, he drags her away.

It is video that sickens everyone who sees it, veteran cops and of course, the victim's husband.

And yet, as hard as it is to watch, the couple say they want people to see it.

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Wow, she's lucky she had a home video surveillance camera to capture this. More and more homeowners are getting these types of cameras because they are now more affordable than ever. iWatchLife offers this type of protection at an affordable price. The Samsung camera we offer is only $150 and our service starts at just $5/month.

The camera in the video is made my Foscam and they cost hundreds of dollars and take hours to set up.

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Too bad she did not have a pistol. . . She could have blown a hole in his chest like Zimmerman did to Skittles.

I saw the video earlier.

Folks, if you have children you might think of hiding pepper spray, with a Velcro anchor, hidden in alot of places that are easy to get to, like under lamp stands or behind curtains. And if you do not have any children (and none come by) the same idea but with a GUN, is doable.

This is Texas, and the Castle Doctrine allows you to FIGHT BACK! It can happen even in 'nice' neighborhoods.

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