Harrison SO: Man who took father hostage held on $250K bond

Harrison SO: Man who took father hostage held on $250K bond
Harrison County Sheriff's Office
Monday, June 2, 2014 - 10:06am

Harrison County Sheriff's Office officials announced the man accused of holding his father hostage at gunpoint over the weekend will be held on $250,000 bond.

Bruce McMeans, 50, has been charged with aggravated assault on public servant and injury to an elderly person. His father was released from a Longview hospital into the care of a family member.

Harrison County 911 dispatchers received a call at around 8:00 p.m. Saturday from Bruce McMeans requesting an ambulance for his father to come to an address on FM 31 in Elysian Fields.

McMeans sounded angry to dispatchers and stated he did not want to see any deputies come to the residence and if any deputies came to the residence he would shoot and kill them.

He further stated that deputies would kill him, anyway, when they saw what had been done to his father.

Within the few minutes of this call, a call came from a neighbor stating he had heard 2 shots from the general direction of the residence of McMeans.

EMS and deputies set up a command post at the Crossroads fire station a short time afterward and Harrison County crisis negotiators initiated a telephone call to the suspect.

Two very short telephone calls to the suspect revealed that recently he had moved in with his father, who is an Alzheimer’s patient. Comments made by the suspect, during the calls revealed that he intended to shoot deputies and end the problem with his father.

McMeans hung up on negotiators, so deputies attempted to get a view of the house from a nearby location, but the location of the house on the property and the surrounding woods made it difficult to see the residence clearly.

Sheriff McCool and Captain Marty Latham determined that, because the suspect had a history of weapons offenses since 1984, and the gunshots heard, a request for assistance to Longview PD and a Texas DPS helicopter unit should be made.

Negotiators tried several times to reach McMeans again on the phone, but he refused to answer.

Authorities approached the house by armored vehicle around 1:30 Sunday morning and found McMeans standing in a darkened, covered position in the home and holding a rifle. He was ordered to drop the weapon but did not comply. He then turned the weapon toward the approaching officers and he was shot in the lower left hip. He then dropped the rifle and was surrounded by police, and taken into custody. His injury is not life threatening and he was taken to an area hospital, for treatment.

Upon entry into the residence, the father was found naked and lying on the floor, in a doorway. EMS checked the father and did not find any gunshot wounds. He was very disoriented. Another family member came to the residence to care for the father.

Sheriff McCool was very relieved that no law enforcement or EMS personnel were injured in this incident. He stated he is very appreciative of the mutual agencies that assisted Harrison County and this demonstrates the partnering of area agencies during a crisis situation.  

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