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I'M A CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR: 2 ETX women arrested after allegedly starting fight with officers

I'M A CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR: 2 ETX women arrested after allegedly starting fight with officers
Gregg County Jail

POSTED: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 8:40am

UPDATED: Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 11:55am

Two East Texas women are behind bars after a routine traffic stop ended in an altercation between authorities and the suspects and the discovery of drugs.

Heather Nicole Thomas, aka Coca Monaé-De Trop, 21, of Laird Hill, and Brittnie Smith, aka Markell Neva-Fail, 22, of Tyler, were arrested by the Kilgore Police Department after Thomas started an altercation with an officer concerning an outstanding warrant.

Thomas was stopped by officials around 10:30 a.m., Monday morning for driving over the speed limit, 68 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone on Highway 135.

According to police, Thomas began yelling at authorities, saying she did not have a warrant in her name. As police tried to detain Thomas, she attempted to slip from the officer's grasp. Smith then got out of the car and tried to break Thomas free. Smith was screaming at officers, telling them she was a criminal justice major and knew the officers were not following protocol, the police report states.

It was later discovered Smith was also in the possession of drugs.
According to her Facebook page, Thomas is a rapper and singer/songwriter

Smith and Thomas were booked into the Gregg County Jail but have since posted bail.

According to judicial records, Thomas was also arrested in 2010 on theft charges.



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First off, 68 in a 55 zone will get you a ticket (and yes, I'd get one to!)

And if there is a warrant they will arrest you. Not SCOTUS as ruled if you are in ANY violation of the law, even a speeding ticket, they CAN SEARCH YOUR CAR since they can arrest you and have the vehicle towed. The search will be to inventory items to 'assure' your property is returned (hahaha yea but that is the law.)

So what the cops did was correct.

Book'em Danno.

If Obama had daughters they would look like them.... OH! Obama DOES have daughters that look like them! OH MY! Criminal Justice majors should already KNOW drugs and speeding are against the law! DUH!

You hit the nail on the head there Grillman, that is Obummer's favorite sentence. Thanks for giving me a good laugh before bed, I needed that.

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