Investigation launched after Bullard students allegedly injure White Oak mascot during football game

Investigation launched after Bullard students allegedly injure White Oak mascot during football game
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POSTED: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 10:31pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 9:17pm

An investigation has been launched regarding an incident that occurred at the Bullard/White Oak varsity football game, Friday, September 6.

The White Oak mascot, who is also a girl in the Roughneck Band, was allegedly beaten by a group of Bullard students.

KETK spoke with White Oak Independent School District Superintendent, Mike Gilbert, and cheerleader sponsor Dana Mizell, who confirmed the incident took place.

"The mascot, who is a female student and high school band member, was walking to the bathroom during the game to change into her band uniform so she could perform at halftime," Mizell said. "She was met by a group of Bullard students who began harassing her, eventually causing injuries. She was so terrified, she did not even want to go back on the field."

The girl was in full mascot attire, so the students could not see who it was.

"There is a fan in the head of the mascot uniform that is used to keep the mascots cool," said Gilbert. "When the students were hitting her and pulling the mascot head, the fan was hitting her directly in the face. She had a bloody nose and scrapes as a result."

The mascot was treated by paramedics at the game.

"I have full faith and confidence in the Bullard administration, this will be resolved in a timely matter," Gilbert said.

KETK spoke with Bullard Police Captain Jeff Bragg, who said there has been an investigation launched concerning the incident that took place that night.

"There has been an investigation launched in connection with this incident. We are trying to figure out who was and was not involved," said Bragg. "But, because this is an on-going investigation, no other information will be released at this time."

KETK also spoke with Bullard High School Principal Scott Franks, who declined to comment on the manner.

Due to the age of the students involved, no names will be disclosed in this story.

KETK brings you this story first and will continue to update information as it becomes available.

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Just sickening, hope the girl is ok and the bullies caught and punished! This generation seems to have no conscience or morales. We live in a society that no longer knows or cares about right and wrong, respect or plain old common courtesy, So sad.

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