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Lindale PD warns of phone scam

Lindale PD warns of phone scam
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 3:35pm

Lindale authorities are warning of a scam in East Texas that has popped up locally. 

According to the Lindale Police Department, groups of men are calling people stating they are either federal agents or members of a federal Texas police force. The caller will then say the recipient has won money or applied for a grant. 

The scam is to get personal information or ask you to send money to secure funds to be transferred to your account. If a person does not cooperate, the callers begin a tirade of verbal abuse and repeated calling.

Lindale Police ask the public to not answer the phone once you learn the scam has started. Law enforcement advices residents to hang up and continue to do so when the calls continue. Do not engage in conversation or arguments. 

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