Nacogdoches Sheriff's Dept. putting citizens on alert

Nacogdoches Sheriff's Dept. putting citizens on alert
Friday, March 29, 2013 - 5:21pm

The Nacogdoches Sheriff's Department is putting citizens on alert in the Woden and Melrose areas.

According to officials, serious car and house burglaries have been reported on County Roads 411, 331, 415 and Highway 21 in the last few weeks. They are urging all living in those areas be extremely cautious and to lock their cars and homes and to make sure all valuables are out of sight.

The sheriff's office is assigning more deputies to these specific areas and are assuring citizens that catching the burglary suspects are a top priority and they are doing everything possible to recover stolen property.

Here are some tips from the Nacogdoches Sheriff's Department:

Please be proactive in ensuring that your property is secure. Do not leave valuables inside your vehicle and lock your car at all times. Write down and take pictures of all serial numbers to your valuables, such as guns, computers, TVs, jewelry, and any other valuable equipment. It is too often that we find property that may be stolen, and are not able to locate the rightful owner of the property. For instance a chain saw, which is a commonly stolen item due to their demand and how easy they are to sell for quick money. If we do not have the serial number to your property, the chances of law enforcement recovering those items greatly diminish.

Evaluate your residence and your security concerns. Is there enough adequate lighting at night? Have you looked into security cameras or an alarm system? Do you speak with your neighbors about watching over your residence when going out of town?

The sheriff’s office is committed to working with citizens and reducing the crime rate in Nacogdoches County. They will continue to be vigilant in apprehending these suspects and recovering your property. If you are going out of town, please call the dipatch non-emergency number, (936) 559-2607, and request an extra patrol of your residence.

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