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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

Nacogdoches teens accused of killing animals in satanic type ritual

Nacogdoches County Jail

POSTED: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 2:22pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 9:31pm

Two Nacogdoches County teenagers have been arrested for allegedly killing animals in a satanic type ritual.

According to the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office, deputies were investigating the disappearance of a dog near County Road 769 in Nacogdoches when they made the discovery. During this time, officials received word the dog had been killed in a cult style manner.

Investigators determined the animal had been tied up and skinned on a tree. Authorities also learned a cat and three kittens were also victims of the act.

Deputies conducted interviews with two suspects in the case, where they confessed to the crimes. Investigators also found pictures and a video in possession of one of the suspects. 

Mark Ainsworth,17, Delaney Walters, 18, both of Nacogdoches, were arrested on five counts of cruelty to animals charge. Both of the teens were booked into the Nacogdoches County Jail.

The investigation began on March 7, Sheriff Jason Bridges stated.

The owner of Camo, the dog killed, released the following photo.


               Two Nacogdoches teens were arrested this week after confessing to torturing and killing family pets in a satanic ritual. 17-year-old Mark Ainsworth and 18 year old Delaney Walters were arrested on March 25 on five counts of animal cruelty each. Nacogdoches deputies received a report on March 7 about a missing family dog near County Road 769.

"The neighbors had heard information we didn't know if it was rumors or not that the dog may have been tortured so we started an investigation into that," said Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges.

Sheriff Bridges said one of the suspects, Ainsworth, confessed to tying up the dog and skinning it. He also confessed it was part of a satanic ritual and another person, his girlfriend, Delaney Walters, was involved.

Sheriff Bridges said they tortured and killed a cat and three kittens.

"They didn't quite skin the cat but they did other things to it that we probably don't want to talk about on tape that was very much tortureous to the cat and to the kittens. The dog was skinned, body parts of the dog was removed and they took pictures of that and videoed it."

Sheriff Bridges said Walters had satanic like pictures in her phone even a picture of her holding the dog's heart.

"In my 20 years, I believe this is probably the first type I've investigated where a dog has been tortured this way in a cult type activity."

He said Walters did confess she worships the devil.

The families of these pets are heartbroken over this monstrous act. The dogs name was Camo. The owners did not want to go on camera, but sent us pictures and told us: "Camo was introduced to our family when he was 2 months old he was dumped and we rescued him. From that day on he won our hearts. He knew when my husband and I should be home from work and he greeted us everyday. He walked to the bus stop with my kids and he would not leave until the bus was out of sight."

She continued to say I pray that these teens receive the proper punishment for this crime.

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So many sick people in our world! Pray for them!

They are lucky these were not my pets. They wouldn't make it to trial.

Cosmo was a beautiful dog!! I feel so bad for this dog and the cat going thru such pain. This just makes me sick!!

I just saw the picture of "Camo" and his owner. Camo looked so happy in his picture with his owner. He had beautiful eyes and he looked so sweet. I know the owners of this beautiful dog is going thru hell knowing how their beautiful pet was killed. Again, my heart breaks for your family :-((

I wish these kids could have the same thing done to them!!! These poor animals did not deserve this!! I didn't know them, but I am sitting here crying and feeling so bad for the dog and kittens. All they wanted was love. When I heard they cut this dog up and cut his heart out just makes me sick!!!
I feel so bad for the family and especially the children of this dog. I know they will miss him and my heart breaks they lost their best friend.

I think these two idiots should be tortured the same way that they tortured these innocent animals (tied up and skinned)! Unbelievable!!


I read several cruelty to animal stories today. I wonder when it's going to end. When is it going to end?

I hope these two burn in hell. The world would be a better place if they put a bullet in their heads!

Stupid, ignorant teens. When (if) they ever grow up I hope they are haunted by the cries from these poor animals.

Just what in the heck is wrong with kids today? Hope they hang their butts.

The court should order these people to be sterilized so they will not pollute the world with their genes.

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