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Panty burglar strikes Lufkin area again

Panty burglar strikes Lufkin area again
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 5:15pm

The panty bandit has struck again! Lufkin officers began investigating another reported burglary of stolen undergarments on Tuesday.

The incident was reported following a strange sequence of events. According to Lufkin Police Department Public Information Officer David Casper, a woman on South Chestnut, or FM 58, noticed some undergarments were missing from her dresser and dirty clothes hamper. When she told her her husband, they decided she should learn to use a gun hidden in the home for protection.

When the woman went to retrieve the gun, she could not locate it, and at this point, the couple decided to call police. When officers arrived on scene, the homeowners reported the missing items. During a second search, the gun was located after the couple had apparently missed it the first time.

Investigators determined a door was unlocked during the break-in and undergarments had been stolen from within the house during the morning to evening hours when no one was home.

The department has covered multiple cases over the past two years involving similar items taken, said Casper.  He believes most of the burglaries are occurring in the day time.

Lufkin detectiveS do not have a current suspect in mind currently, but several persons of interest have been cleared. 

According to Angelina County Sheriff's Office Lt. Pete Maskunas, deputies have worked 19 cases involving the theft of women's underwear since 2009, however, their office's burglary investigations have not been linked to the Lufkin incidents at this time. Both the city of Lufkin cases and Angelina County cases are similar, said Maskunas.

A long list of persons of interest has been developed and deputies are monitoring them, but their is currently no probable cause for a serial burglar suspect, Maskunas told KETK.

The cases are located in a loose area incorporating the central and southern portion of the county. It appears the burglaries take place in the daytime and early morning hours when no residents are home, said Maskunas. Most discoveries are made later in the day.

"This [person] will be someone who looks like they belong in the neighborhood, but not someone who lives in the neighborhood," Maskunas said. "If [residents] see someone near a neighbor's house, call it in."

Law enforcement authorities ask the public to please alert them to any suspicious activity as they will most likely catch the burglar this way. You can contact the Angelina County Sheriff's Office at (936) 634-3331 or Lufkin Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-8477.


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