Parent sues ETX school over defecation check

Parent sues ETX school over defecation check

POSTED: Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 1:50pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 4:14pm

The parent of a West Sabine ISD student is suing the school and several administrators after their child, along with others, was allegedly forced to drop his pants for a defecation check.

According to court documents, Wes Little, the father of a West Sabine student, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against West Sabine ISD, the superintendent, Mike Pate, the principal, Deborah Lane and school nurse, Jo Ann Clark, for damages his child has suffered including mental anguish, humiliation, embarrasment, costs of suit, attorney's fees and all other relief the court deems appropriate.

The incident happened after the school district found fecal matter four or five times on the gym floor, but the culprit was unknown.

Following that occurrence,  school administrators decided they should inspect members of the class. During this time, the children were separated by sex and checked by the school nurse.

The lawsuit alleges 47 students, believed to be in the fourth grade, were forced to pull their pants and underwear down past their buttocks for inspection.

Little's attorney, Brent Watkins, claims the incident "violated the students' expectation of privacy against such a search, and resulted in embarrassment, fright, and humiliation which was intensified by their adolescent vulnerability to the intrusiveness of the exposure."

Little has also requested a jury trial on all the issues presented.

KETK has requested a statment from the school district and is awaiting their response.

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And these are the types of college educated people you want carrying consealed handguns in our schools. Wish I lived in that district and was picked for that jury !!!

What the heck do consealed handguns have to do with strip searching 9 year olds?

There have been several East Texas schools that have held meeting on allowing people like the idiots at the school in the story to carry consealed handguns at public schools but it is clear that they can NOT even deal with a sh*ty situation. That is what it has to do with schools like the one in this story.

A what check?

As far as I am conserned Mike Pate, the principal, Deborah Lane and school nurse, Jo Ann Clark are child molsters and should have to register as such. Never ever when I was in grade school did the teachers do this to ANYONE.

I'm guessing this is the kid that pooped his pants and was wiping it on the gym floor maybe?? I can sure understand the 46 that didn't poop their pants being upset. Would the culprit not fess up? Seems like it would be hard to handle that situation. How would you expect the school to handle it? Call every parent to come check their kids pants? I would prefer that but many parents can't get off work to run to the school and the school can't just let the kid run around wiping poop everywhere.

You sure don't handle the situation by strip searching 9 year olds. How about some security cameras in the gym. They should have them anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone should be terminated along with this, What we have is an out of control school that lacks any real leadership. Terminate those involved ASAP and black list them in thye state of Texas. ANd yes the law suit will be a good thing against the ISD.

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