Parents of deceased ETX man suing Longview bar, claiming owner responsible for son's death

Parents of deceased ETX man suing Longview bar, claiming owner responsible for son's death

POSTED: Friday, February 7, 2014 - 5:33pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 5:10pm

A popular Longview bar could be in some hot water after having a $1-million lawsuit filed against them.

Gerald's Martini Bar is being sued by Wesley and Cindy Bickerdike, of Longview, after their son, Bryan, died in December from alcohol poisoning.

The Bickerdike's tell KETK, employees of Gerald's served their son until the point he became overly-intoxicated and was a clear danger to himself and others.

Bryan, who was two days shy of his 25th birthday at the time of his death, had a blood alcohol level of .479, almost six times the legal limit, when he died from alcohol poisoning on December 14.

Gerald's owner, Gerald Rodriguez , refused to comment on the lawsuit.

Court documents obtained by KETK, show Rodriguez is denying all allegations and responsibility in Bryan's death. Records show Bryan was helped out of the downtown hot spot by his friends around 2:00 a.m., December 14, and arrived at the home of Brandon Pritchett around 2:30 a.m. A few hours later, when Pritchett checked on Bryan, he was not breathing and EMS was called.

The lawsuit alleges Gerald's acted with malice and “conscious indifference to the rights, safety or welfare of others.”

The Bickerdike's have requested a jury trial.

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I am surprised The Page Pub or "Sports Page" has not been sued or closed down for this! Bars in Longview are especially bad about over serving and The Sports Page is by far the worst and most dangerous. Brian was an awesome individual and will be sorely missed.

By TABC standards, if someone is too intoxicated they are not suppose to serve them more. Not only would I sue the bar, but also the bartender(s) who sold him the alcohol. They are (or should all of been) TABC certified! TABC should also get involved and take the bar's license away as well as the bartenders. Its not all about the money. A business is responsible for their customers and employees, their bottom line, and yes their own lively hood. Everyone needs to remember that!

Ok i get the sealer has a responsibility to ensure the safety of their costumers and the laws on alcohol sales are abide by.My concern is when is the consumer held responsible for his on actions.As a consumer of alcohol i know when i have had to much to drink and need to slow down or even stop for the night.I also work in the sale of alcohol and have seen more than once someone coming into our place drinking 2 beers in 1 to 2 hours and be falling down drunk.

Sounds like they have a good lawsuit against Geralds. If true all they wanted was Brian's money and did not care if he was way past drunk or not.

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