Preacher killed with own gun in home invasion


POSTED: Friday, July 4, 2014 - 4:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 11:44am

A preacher was killed in Houston after confronting a burglar. Investigators said the murder weapon was the homeowner's gun.

"It sounded like fireworks, just some black cats. We didn't think much of it. It being 4th of July."

Neighbors assumed the sound was fireworks; someone starting a 4th of July celebration early.

"Definitely frightening, frightening to know that kinda of stuff can happen anywhere."

As day broke over the quiet street, the shooting seemed surreal.

"I'm absolutely shocked."

Detectives said Donald Frazier, 69, awoke after he heard a noise in his garage at approximately 1:00 a.m. Frazier saw a man and then went outside.

"From what we're understanding, the homeowner actually tried to talk to the suspect for a little bit, trying to ease the situation."

Investigators said the burglar shot Frazier after a dispute between them escalated. Frazier's wife watched in horror and then called the police.

"I can't imagine having to witness something like that. We feel for the whole family."

Just one hour earlier, security guards stopped the 30-year old suspect. Harris County detectives claim security let the man go after he said his mother lived in the subdivision, leaving neighbors with the sad proposition, this killing didn't have to happen.

"It could have been a different story if it was an actual police officer who stopped the suspect at midnight."

Police haven't specified how the shooter got the homeowner's gun. The shooter's identity hasn't been released.

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Prayers for the minister's family. Shot with his own gun...all you gun nuts can't say "if only he'd had a gun, he could have shot first." Prime example of a homeowner owning a precious gun for security, only to have it turned on him to shoot him to death. Your arguments are hollow, aren't they, guys and gals...guns are the instruments of death, and innocent, well-meaning folks who think guns are the answer, often die by the very guns they own. Now what's your argument? I need a laugh today!

"From what we're understanding, the homeowner actually tried to talk to the suspect for a little bit, trying to ease the situation."

He was to trusting a soul. Should have kept him at a distance, and at gunpoint, and called the cops. One can talk AFTER the cuffs are on the guy.

Licensed security officers armed or unarmed cannot hold a person legally unless they witness a crime in progress. Even then, they have no arrest powers like they do in some states. They can deny access if it is a gated community and even that depends on the level of backing they get from the property owners. In most cases they simply are instructed to observe and report and police response time is generally around an hour in non emergency situations. I know, I am a level 3 security officer.


For the NRA types claiming having a gun is mandatory for your safety this throws cold water on their claim.
Normal people are hesitant to pull the trigger & possibly kill someone, even if that person is threatening you.
It's the evil sickos who will kill you with anything they have-gun, knife, weapon, even their bare hands if they are desperate enough.
This is why those pushing guns on school campuses & other public places are wrong.
Go to Israel & see all the guns in public. They are no safer.

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