Veteran service dog found dead in Nacogdoches County

Veteran service dog found dead in Nacogdoches County
Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office

POSTED: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 3:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 11:24pm

A veteran service dog out that went missing in Nacogdoches was found dead this morning.

The dog, Shonyo, is a service animal that was issued to a veteran, suffering from PTSD. The veteran had served our country in Iraq.

The dog was found this morning by Nacogdoches officials.

Officials have contacted the owners and given them notice of the dogs condition.

Shonyo was reportedly went missing in the Old Tyler Road and Farm to Market Road 343 area.


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Why would anyone bring into the mix this dog's breed...haven't you heard of pits that have been acclimated to gentleness with their humans? Don't you know that these service dogs are fully trained and evaluated for loyalty, adaptability and gentleness Good are not an expert, a dog trainer, or the vet who now has to deal with the loss of his "friend" on top of having should have stopped at your first sentence.

No words of condolence sufficient for the veteran's loss...but plenty for anyone who killed this beautiful animal, if it is found that it didn't die of natural causes. (By the way, Ms. would be beneficial if you would read your copy before hitting "send" to any ketk site...too many oops! on this one...embarrassing, wouldn't you agree?)

Sorry for you loss, vet. Losing your companion must be painful for you.

BUT! Was this a licensed, certified service dog? I've never heard of using a pit for a service dog- they don't have the right temperament and often get aggressive around strangers.

maybe you should do some checking before you open your mouth, Yes she was certified and there is a lot of pits that are. People like you that don't check your facts and go off of what you hear are the ones that give the bullys a bad name it's how they are raised.

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