VIDEO: 78 year old woman gives would be robber taste of his own medicine


POSTED: Friday, October 4, 2013 - 4:39pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 8:27am

A Florida man thought an elderly woman at a bus stop was an easy target, but soon found out that he picked the wrong person to rob.

Hialeah police say 21-year-old Brian Olivera has a history of targeting women for their gold. This Wednesday, a surveillance camera captured him trying to snatch a chain off of a woman who is 78-years-old.

In this last case it didn't work out for him the way he planned. Right when he snatched the chain off this last victim, she turned around and began to attack her assailant.

The video isn't crystal clear, but you can see the women use her umbrella to smack and stun Olivera. He never expected blows like this from a 78-year-old and he also didn't expect police to be right around the corner. A Hialeah officer saw the fight and quickly cuffed Olivera. Just a week ago, police say he attacked 75-year-old Edba Ramirez.

"He pulled on my necklace," Ramirez said. She was targeted while she was on the sidewalk helping someone with directions. She walked away with a cut on her arm and her necklace. Ramirez says Olivera wasn't able to break it away from her neck, but still, she is left with both physical and emotional scars.

"I'm afraid of being attacked again,"Ramirez says, even though her attacker has now been found.

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To bad she didn't have a gun.

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