VIDEO: Police follow blood trail of ETX man hit by train, find marijuana growing station


POSTED: Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 11:45am

UPDATED: Friday, August 16, 2013 - 11:54am

The blood trail of a man who hit a train on Wednesday night led authorities to his home where a major marijuana growing operation was discovered.

According to Troup Police Chief Pat Hendrix, a Troup man hit a Union Pacific train that was going northbound at 10 miles per hour around 6:50 p.m. on Wednesday at the crossing of Railroad Loop and Front Street.

A crew of Union Pacific workers were on another train that was stopped on the tracks nearby. They tried to help the man, but he ran away.

The Union Pacific Police were contacted by the train conductor after the man struck the train. UPP got in touch with the Troup Police Department to inform them of the accident.

When police arrived, they noticed a trail of blood leading away from the scene of the accident. Authorities followed the trail about 200 yards away to a house on County Line Road. Upon arriving at the house, multiple officers, as well as EMS, were dispatched to the address.

Police entered the home to find four of five potted marijuana plants, 18 dried marijuana plants hanging from the ceiling, along with a blunt rolling station. Officers did not find the man in the house, but noticed a travel trailer in the yard. Authorities then went inside the trailer and discovered eight more marijuana plants and the injured man.

The man was suffering from broken ribs and a deep cut, exposing the bone, on his arm.

The individual was then taken to ETMC in Tyler to be treated for his injuries.

Chief Hendrix says the man has not been arrested, but upon his release from the hospital, he is expected to be charged with possession of five to 50 pounds of an illegal substance.

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Looks like Troup ISD wasn't a "Recognized" school

So, if there was a blood trail, then I am assuming that the man was on foot, but twice in the body of the story it says that the man hit the train. How do you hit a train when you are on foot? Did he punch the train as it went by? Was he jogging blindfolded? I think this story needs a little more explanation, or better editing.

hahahahahahaha..troup PD gets a new ride and now wants to look like they are doing something ? i'm sorry troup PD is worst than the last ones. just they have a crooked backing . troup citizen need to start looking behinde them

He must have been spaced out on pot. And once his life was on the line he ran home to get patched up. But a trail is a trail and the police definably had probable cause to enter.

Book'em Danno.

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