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VIDEO: TX neighborhood watchman now suspected serial rapist

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 10:20am

Police have identified a suspect in one of a series of sex assaults in a Dallas neighborhood.

Authorities say DNA evidence connects Van Dixson to one of the rapes.

They've found his car, but haven't located him yet.

Neighbors are surprised their neighborhood patroller is a suspect.

"He just walks every night, all night," a neighbor said. "Every time I would look out my window, or out my door, he was walking."

To his neighbors, Dixson was the man who cared about their safety, maybe a bit too much.

He would have on his basketball shorts, and his t-shirt and he would have his weapon of course, and he would just be patrolling our neighborhood.

So, imagine their surprise when Dallas police announced their seemingly anti-crime neighbor is the man officers are looking for in connection with one of the Fair Park rapes.

Everybody's shocked, most of the people didn't believe it.

Dixson's home is close to the scene of all nine assaults.

But, it's been days since anyone's seen him.

Dixson does have a criminal history. A judge sentenced him for a series of assaults with a weapon in 1993.

Now, let's fast forward to last month.

On August 3, Dallas police arrested him on a deadly conduct charge, but neighbors say he was quickly back home and back to patrolling.

Now neighbors wonder if all Dixsons "caring" was all a lie.

Their presumed protector is now on the run.

"He's not trying to help us with the crime, but he's a part of the crime," said a neighbor.

Family members told investigators that Dixson left his children in the care of family members.

Police are asking anyone who sees Dixson to contact them.

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