Cuney folks fighting topless club coming to town


POSTED: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 9:23pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 9:57am

Cuney...population 145...and as one man pointed out, 81 of those 145 residents have signed a petition to keep a North Texas man from opening a topless night club in their community.

The people of Cuney are just not happy about it.

That was evident on Tuesday night when a regularly scheduled city council meeting that didn't have a quorum turned into a forum...for people that live in and around Cuney to ask mayor Oscar Birdow questions about the night club.

"You know, we already have some liquor stores and everything and...that's...that's...that's enough," said Rev. Delbert Simpson, pastor of Rock Hill Baptist in Cuney.

One question kept popping up throughout the meeting.

Why isn't there an ordinance on the books to keep places like this from coming in?

Former city council member Norris Marshall says she knows there is one.

"We had something to that effect and now everytime something comes up that they want to do, they say we don't have any ordinances!  All the ordinances have for some reason disappeared," Marshall said.

When asked about that during the meeting, the mayor said at one time a bunch of city records burned.

But a source tells KETK there was a fire, but the ordinances didn't burn. 

They're still in a box somewhere...and all the city council would have to do is sign that one...and the case would be closed.

But it might not be that simple...Marshall suspects there has been some under the table deals...

"I figure there's been some money passed, I don't know that for sure," Marshall said.

The mayor denied such allegations at the meeting.

Regarldess, the townspeople are hoping they're not just spinning their wheels...hoping they can really make a difference.

Mayor Birdow said repeatedly during the meeting that he "didn't need" a night club there.

As far as the next step, he told everyone the city will hold a public forum at the Cuney Community Center sometime between now and the next city council meeting.

Hopefully the developer of the night club will be there.

In the meantime, Cuney folks tell KETK there is a facebook page to drum up support for keeping the club out.

Click here to visit that page.


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