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Cute Story Alert: Pet Industry continues to grow

Jennifer Kielman/KETK

POSTED: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 1:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 12:06pm

The American Pet Products Association is reporting, last year, people spent more than $53 Billion on their furry friends.

And every year, the number keeps growing and growing.

In fact, this year, people are expected to spend nearly $56 Billion.

And because of this growing industry, more and more business owners in East Texas are finding their niche and becoming more pet-friendly.

First on the list--- "Ganache" in Tyler.

A yummy bakery, that we recently learned, sells literally "more than just a cupcake."

Baker Amber Penner tells us, she not only bakes cupcakes, cake pops and other delectable treats, you and I would love.

She makes delicious dog treats, too.

Everything from "snickerpoodles", to regular dog treats, even birthday cakes for dogs.

And of course, the ever-so-popular "Pupcake."

Next stop-- "A Boy and his Dog", where owner Stacy Watson is fulfilling her dream.

With two of her dogs, Colton and Precious by her side, Watson sells everything from treats, toys, even clothes.

There's even a fitting room, to try them on.

Andrea Campbell is the owner of "Bed, Bath and Bonz."

A pet resort, that pretty much offers anything you and your pet need.

Not only do they offer grooming, they offer healthful dog food, toys and an array of boarding options.

Your dog can also enjoy story time, a kong night cap and popcorn.

But a favorite here is a dog bone shaped salt water pool.

Campbell says, dogs just can't get enough.

Another East Texas hot spot---- "Andy's."

Manager Aniekan Isong tells KETK, dogs love the puppy cones.

Especially, on a hot Summer day.

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet insurance is expected to be an even bigger sector for 2013.

It predicts, spending will increase from $510 Billion for 2013 and to $750 Billion by 2015.









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