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Davis goes on air with second attack ad

Davis goes on air with second attack ad

POSTED: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 6:30am

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 11:20am

Ad comes as some Democrats look to tie Abbott to the indictment against Gov. Perry

The Houston Chronicle is reporting; Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democratic nominee for governor, is reviving questions about Republican opponent Greg Abbott’s oversight of a cancer research group, making it the focus of her second TV ad for the general election.

The 30-second commercial comes as some Democrats look to tie Abbott, the attorney general, to the indictment against Gov. Rick Perry, which stems from his threat to veto state funding for an ethics enforcement office at the same time it was probing the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

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Same old politics, one crooked politician calling a politician of the opposite party a crook. LMAO. Most of us already know that all politicians are crooked, not just some. The only way to actually go forward is to vote out everyone and start over with new faces all the way up to the president, and I really don't care if they are Democrat or Republican or a mix of the two as long as we get rid of all those in office right now. No ID No vote, no matter who you are. Government has ruined the U.S.

You go, girl!! Bombard the good-ol'-boy system in this repub/t-bag controlled state with the truth that's been swept under the rug for far too long. Women, even if you're a "good little lady" and do what you're told to do by your domineering spouse/significant other, when you're at your polling place, your vote is private and you have the choice of "more of the same, or a new way going forward.

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